Is it me?

So, today’s (un)lucky bachelor read my profile and had this to say:

Him: With an opening like that, you must get a lot of messages that sound like “Bevis and Butthead”!! I can out-sarcasam you any day!!! I just cant spell it… Oh yea!! A summery is supposed to be shorter than that.. Otherwise is called a long story!!! lol

I probably shouldn’t be quite as annoyed as I actually was by this right off the bat. I mean, he didn’t tell me how horny he is, nor did he try to send me photos of his engorged member. That’s a step in the right direction, isn’t it? But…”sarcasam”? “Summery”? Really? Sigh…and why exactly do you feel the need to “out-sarcasam” me, anyway? All I’m asking for is someone who can make me laugh from time to time, not to participate in Comedic Smackdown 2013.

Me: That *is* the summary…the real story is 3 times longer at least. 🙂

See? I can take the high road occasionally.

Him: See that!! I out Sarcasmed you already!!! lol

Did I blink and miss it? Which part of what he said does he believe is sarcasm?

Me: Oh yeah. You’re the king.

Him: I should’ve saw that one coming… Well played…

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