Day 3: Up Before the Chickens


I was planning this long, thoughtful, hilarious blog about my oh, so interesting life….but, yeah, that’s so not happening today. Awake at 3:30 am for no good reason, I finally gave up trying to sleep at 5:15 when I got out of bed and decided that I might as well work out. After exercising until 7am, it was time to feed my mother’s cats (she’s out of town), feed my own cats (this has to be done separately, because there are 2 warring factions of felines in this house), fix breakfast, pack lunch and get ready for work.

I ate lunch at my desk so that my lunch hour could be spent taking the dog to the beach for a 2 mile walk in between rain showers. Work ended at 5pm when it was time to once again feed both sets of cats. At 6pm, I left with some neighbors to go to opening night at the local playhouse. I yawned my way through the play, but thankfully it was entertaining enough that I didn’t fall asleep. Got home at 9:30 (I think…losing track of time at this point), then watched this week’s episode of This is Us while tossing the tennis ball (in the house – mom’s out of town, remember?) for the dog.

Still trying to figure out how this 2 paragraph blog took until 12:07am to write. (I guess technically it’s late, but damn it, it’s still Friday until I go to bed. So there.) I need a nap.

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    • It was called Money Matters. A father and daughter counterfeiting team were trying to convince a horny old man to sell them the house he’d inherited because their printing press was hidden in the basement and couldn’t be moved.

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