Day 10: Would You Rather…

Once again, I’ve left it until 11pm to try and come up with today’s blog topic. I really need to stop doing this. Starting tomorrow.

Today, we’re going to play Would You Rather…..My answers are here. Leave yours in the comments!

Would you rather…

…watch Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

read an actual book, or use a Kindle? Kindle – you can carry 500 books with you without hurting your back or having to pay overweight charges for your luggage

…go to the theater or a movie? Generally, a movie, though the theater is good once in awhile, too

…hike or bike? Hike – the dog hates bicycles, and he’s always with me, so….

…drink a Margarita or a Pina Colada? Hmm…tequila gives me a headache, but I hate coconut, so I guess I’d have to go with the Margarita and an Advil

…crash with friends, or stay at a hotel? Depends…do my friends have WiFi and free toiletries?

…vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why? Alaska…I’ve been to Hawaii recently, so it’s Alaska’s turn. Would love to see the Northern Lights and experience the long daylight hours of summer. (Hmm…it just occurred to me that this may need to be two separate trips.) But damn it, I wanna go back to Hawaii, too.

…go skiing or snowshoeing? No…I am not a winter sport kinda girl. Though, I’d probably be less likely to break something while snowshoeing.

…travel by plane, train or automobile? I hate to fly, but in most cases the damned plane *does* get you there faster. 

…go to a comedy club or a dance club? WHY CAN I ONLY PICK ONE???

…have a night out or an evening in? I’ve had way too many evenings in lately. Night out, please.

…watch TV or read a book? Usually, read a book. Unless Outlander is on…or The Walking Dead…or Game of Thrones…

…go canoeing or waterskiing? Any time one of the choices involves some type of skiing, my answer is the other one. Canoeing. I am way too uncoordinated to waterski.


…use Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. #hashtagsconfuseme

…win the lottery, or find your perfect job? Win the lottery. My perfect job would be playing with puppies and kittens all day. I don’t think that pays much. 

…swim in a pool, or the ocean? Considering I watched my dog take a dump in the Pacific just this afternoon, I’ll take the pool, please, Alex.

…travel by sailboat or cruise ship? WHY DO YOU FORCE ME TO MAKE IMPOSSIBLE CHOICES???

…watch sports or play sports? Is there a third option?

I apologize for the lameness of today’s blog. Maybe tomorrow’s will be better. (No promises, though.)

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