22 thoughts on “What color are my eyes???”

  1. Jen – the contacts are clear….what difference would that make? lol

    Kat – that's because we are starchild twins!

    Sharon – I don't believe there was a flash..though I took this picture awhile ago, so I'm not 100% sure (though I can't imagine why I'd want to flash myself in the eyes). If I took a picture of them now, one of them would be RED. lol…I think it looks kind of weird because I blew up the picture so much…but there really is a weird splotch of brown near both of my irises.

  2. Well colored contacts would make a difference..duh! cause the color would not be the true color and I know most people wear colored ones.

    I say your eyes are hazel green…more green though…your Mom should know the color of your eyes…lol I am with Mom on this one!

  3. If you look at the picture of the green eyes I posted, those don't look like hers either. In my experience, Jenny's eyes frequently look blue grey based on what she's wearing the lighting and where we are.

    By the way, Jenny, you do have very pretty eyes!! lol

  4. Good lord. I go to work for a couple of hours, and look what happens on my blog…lol…

    Let's see…first of all, Jen, I think (or at least I hope) that most people stopped wearing colored contact lenses in the early '90's…(at least that's when I stopped wearing them. lol)

    And Sharon…while I appreciate the…enthusiasm…of your argument…lol…there *is* more than one shade of green…I like to think my eyes are a kind of….seafoam. lol….

  5. hahaha!! Did you go look at my link, Jenny? *my argument* was based on what I read there about how they categorize eye color by the Martin-Schultz scale.

    Besides, I told you I'd get all techie on you. Someone with different monitor settings will say something different than someone else who's settings may make this picture look more blue than green.

    I say we pop your eyes out of your head, put them in a dish under sunlight and all gather to settle your eye color that way! Frank suggests that in the meantime you start learning braille!! lol

  6. While at this point, I have to admit that the thought of poking out my eyes does have a certain appeal to it…I'm afraid I will have to pass on that one. Sorry. lol…

    Yes, I read the link, and I don't see anything there to support the argument that my eyes are blue. lol…in fact, their definition of light-mixed eyes allows for either blue OR green mixed with gray.

    * light-mixed:

    a) very light-mixed (blue with gray or green or green with gray), b) light-mixed (light or very light-mixed with small admixture of brown pigment). Eyes light and light mixed are in 16-12 in Martin scale.

    I never said my eyes didn't have any gray in them, I am just arguing that there is no blue in them whatsoever.

    I think maybe you are turning up the blue on your monitor, just so you can prove your argument…lol…

  7. Well…did you not get the memo…color contacts are the trend now?..lol I have never worn them so I have no clue when it became a fashion disaster to wear colored ones.LOL

    I really see more green in your eye color…sorry but I am sticking with my answer.

    I am posting mine tomorrow…interesting to see what others see cause mine are MANY shades and they change colors too…lol

  8. 1. Nah, no adjustment to my monitor is going on.
    2. Why are you complaining? You have healthy activity going on in your blog! You should be happy. I mean, you DID ask a question!!
    3. I see blue more than green. That's just what I see!! But maybe I have a stricter sense of what “green” means since mine are green, so I leave it at that.

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