Conversations With a Teenager, Part Deux

As I have stated before, Megan and I have some of the weirdest mother-daughter conversations while riding in the car. Here is an excerpt from tonight’s episode:

Megan: Oh hey, I almost forgot! The Grammy’s are going to be on February 8th.
Me: Uh. Ok. So?
Megan: You don’t even watch the Grammy’s, do you?
Me: Not if I can help it. (Sorry – award shows bore me!)
Megan: (nothing is edited here, this is what she said next) Does Jay Leno host the Tonight Show?
Me: Yes, he does.
Megan: You know, mutton isn’t chicken, it’s lamb.
Me: What does that have to do with Jay Leno???

You gotta love it.

8 thoughts on “Conversations With a Teenager, Part Deux”

  1. Haha! Well, forgive my guest book comment because I didn't see this in my inbox when I wrote it, but anyway… I stand corrected!

    WHAT?! Mutton isn't chicken? Be still my heart.. and here I've been under a false impression for all these years.

    I'm still trying to piece together award shows, Jay Leno and Mutton.. lets see, Grammys are Award shows with a host.. The tonight show has a host that just happens to be Jay Leno. Jay Leno has an odd shaped face, in some ways similar to a lamb. Lambs and chicken are not the same.. Voila!

  2. That is my Megan! I have learned to pay close attention when she is talking to me cause if not I will get lost in the conversation.

    Megan is the coolest! Tell her Amber said so too!!

    I am sitting in a Holiday Inn in Indiana …boy that was a tongue twister…lol!

    Oh and what is the weather going to be for Sunday back home??


  3. I don't always follow her logic either…Megan has not yet mastered the art of the segue…which is not to be confused with the segue tour of Gettysburg, btw…so basically, if it pops into her head, it comes out of her mouth.

    Sunday, it is supposed to be in the mid- to high- 50's here. WOOHOO!!!!

  4. But that randomness it what I adore the most about her. Could imagine how much better this world would be if we all said what we were REALLY thinking instead of what we thought others wanted to hear?

    Sunday road trip Jen?? I will be home on Saturday?

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