What a crumb-y week!

Wow…on the suckage scale, I’d have to say that this week has got to be pretty high up there. Like, it’s sucked worse than a cheap hook…..uh…anyway…it’s been bad.

It all started at work on Tuesday. My boss was out sick, and we had 2 huge events going on, plus, we found out about an audit that’s coming up in just under 2 weeks. Busy, busy, busy. Between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I worked 6 hours of overtime – and I don’t get paid for overtime. Today was the first day this week that I’ve gotten home before 8pm.

Wednesday morning, I discovered that my internet at home was out. It’s still out. I haven’t yet had the energy to sit on the phone for an hour listening to Verizon tell me to reset my wireless router and reboot my computer while I try and convince them that I do in fact have an IQ higher than that of a turnip, and maybe, just maybe, I’ve already *tried* that. Maybe tomorrow. Right now, I am ‘borrowing’ another wireless network. I’ll give it back when I’m done.

Thursday morning, I had an argument with my daughter because she wanted to leave for the bus stop at 6:36 am. That would be great, except that the bus does not come until 6:55. I tried to explain to her that it’s January. It’s 12 degrees outside. It’s still DARK. Why on earth would you want to go stand outside in that for 20 minutes??? The bus stop is a 2 minute walk away. So I got to start my day to the tune of, “FINE! I JUST WON’T GO THEN! HMPH!” And yes, she really does make the ‘hmph’ noise. My favoritest sound ever. Not.

(Seizure update side note: Megan has not had any more seizure activity – that I know of – since Christmas morning. However, the doctor sent her for an EEG, which did detect some abnormal brain activity…so now, we have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday afternoon. Remember that little tidbit for later….)

Let’s see, what else. Well, I found out today that I am *not* going to Cabo. I got a letter from our home office that basically said, “Sorry you weren’t selected, but gee, wasn’t it an honor just to be nominated???” Screw honor. I wanna go to Mexico. HMPH.

I guess the one good thing that happened this week is that I found out I will be getting an almost 6% pay raise effective next week. Of course, I may have been a little more excited by this, had I not already found out that I won’t be getting any more child support for awhile. Apparently my ex has been hit by the recession – he’s lost his house and job in Las Vegas, and has filed for bankruptcy. Even more distressing than not getting the child support is the fact that Megan was covered by HIS health insurance. He is remarried and has 2 other children, so it didn’t cost him anything extra to add Megan to his family coverage, while I would have to pay twice as much to have “Single plus Child” coverage as opposed to just the “single” that I have. I called his insurance company today to find out exactly when her coverage would end, since he called me last Wednesday to say that it was his last day at work and that the insurance would end “sometime this week.” I had hoped that he’d been mistaken, and that we’d have until the end of the month. Why? Because she has a neurologist appointment on Monday (January 26th), of course. An appointment that I scheduled nearly a month ago. I really don’t want to wait *another* month to find out why she had a seizure. Anyway…when I called, they informed me that her coverage ended LAST TUESDAY. January 13th. The day BEFORE he called and told me that it would be ending this week. AHHH!!!

I was able to add her to my insurance today (for double the cost, of course!), but was told that while yes, the coverage will be retroactive back to January 13th, the insurance company won’t know anything about the change until February 1st. So…it looks like I will be paying for the appointment now and being reimbursed for whatever portion of it the insurance company will cover later. Yay.

So that’s been my week in a (ridiculously large) nutshell. I hope yours was better!!!

6 thoughts on “What a crumb-y week!”

  1. Oy! Isn't Cobra 3rd party insurance cheaper than what you're paying? (double?). I don't know much about insurance, but do know quite a bit about child support matters. I thought he was a plumber… There's toilets everywhere, f'petes sake! 😉

    Cabo? Man, that's a total bummer . :(. Hey, lookit the bright side? There's always a haunted ghost town across the frozen river we can walk to…? Winter camping sounds like fun… Doesn't it? :p

  2. Well, from what I learned about Cobra when I lost my job with the psycho in 2007, you basically keep the same insurance that you had when you were working, they just allow you to continue to pay for it out of pocket for a period of time until you can get insurance through a new employer. And in that case, you have to pay the full premium amount yourself….so if your employer typically pays a percentage of it and you pay the rest, in the case of Cobra, you wind up paying the whole shebang. I think for her to use Cobra, her dad would have to elect to use Cobra for the whole family…but I could be wrong.

    At this point, I think it's probably best this way, so at least I know that she's covered.

    Apparently they don't have much use for plumbers out there in Las Vegas. He is now looking into moving AGAIN (they only just moved from Maryland to Nevada a year and a half ago)…this time possibly to Pittsburgh.

    Winter camping….you so funny!!! lol…I'm not sure I have enough hand warmers for that…

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