The Sykesville Menagerie

I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening already. I need another weekend to recover from this one. Yesterday, I got up at 6:45am so that I could go in to work for a few hours. (Not by choice!) Today, I got up at 6:45am so that I could go over to my dad’s house and babysit my niece.

Let me explain the situation at my dad’s house. It is currently occupied by: my dad, stepmother, sister, brother-in-law, 17 month old niece, 1 dog, and 6 cats. It’s a freaking zoo. Fortunately, my sister and her husband just bought a house, so they will soon be moving and taking half of the zoo with them.

Since there were cats everywhere I looked, I decided to take some pictures with my cell phone (which explains the crappy picture quality) and introduce you.

This is Tootie…she is my baby’s momma…mother of the Devil Spawn, Harley and Dinah. She belongs to my sister and brother-in-law. She is a very sweet cat, and would probably lick you to death if you gave her the chance.

Next, we have Bailey. I don’t think his hugeness really translates well in this picture. He is a BIG kitty. He also belongs to my sister.

My sister’s third cat is Gizmo. This is the hairiest cat i have ever seen. If you shaved her, she would probably turn out to be the size of a large rat, but you would never know it for all the fur this cat has. The first time I saw a picture of her, she had a nasty look on her face, and I called her The Angry Muppet.

The last picture I have is of the Brokecat Mountain couple, Felix (gray) and Milo (orange). These two boys belong to my dad and stepmother, and have loved each other from the day they first met. You will frequently find them licking each other, or curled up asleep together.

I did not get pictures of my dad’s third cat, Tigger, or of the dog, Lacey. Tigger is the only cat of the 6 who goes outdoors, so he was out somewhere running the streets today. He was their first cat, and definitely has some (not always quite so) suppressed hostility towards all of the other animals that have come into the family. Lacey is the Shitzu who thinks she’s a cat. She’s always running around licking one of the cats, and when Tootie had her kittens, she was always right there watching over them.

5 thoughts on “The Sykesville Menagerie”

  1. Sharon, the child does not stand still long enough for me to take a picture of her with my phone without it coming out in one big blur. It was hard enough getting the cats.

    Mom – I think my baby's daddy was Natty Bo…He was Shaun's cat, but they don't have him anymore.

  2. Aww…I know now why your Dad and Sue wanted to come to our house instead…I would die in theirs! I love cats and these are adorable!! I guess if any of you ever wants to get rid of me you can send me to Sue and Dads house…lol!

    You have had a crazy weekend! I will be home soon…I am super homesick!

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