The Stupidest Blog Ever

Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to blog something – anything – but at the same time, had absolutely nothing of any sort of redeeming social value to say? That’s where I am right now. So I guess what that means is that you poor readers will now be subject to Random Thoughts by Jack…um…Jenny Handy…(I know that at the very least Dave will know what that means!)

  • I’m not really all that crazy about Nicholas Cage…but for some reason, my mother thinks he’s hot. My stepmother is hot for Kevin Costner, which I don’t really get, either.
  • I have my daughter’s latest school picture sitting on my desk at work. At least 10 people have remarked either that they thought it was a picture of me (but with dark hair) or that she looks exactly like me. Frankly, I don’t see the resemblance.
  • It’s kind of cool to see half the student body at the college where I work wearing the t-shirt that I designed. I will see it again on January 20th when they are all wearing the shirt I designed for Inauguration Day. I came up with 4 different slogans based on the Inauguration theme “Renewing America’s Promise.” The design that was chosen was the one I came up with when I woke up at 4am the other morning and couldn’t go back to sleep right away.
  • Apparently I am at my most productive when I am either asleep (see previous bullet point) or on the toilet. I just took a potty break and thought of 5 things to include in this blog. By the time I finished my business and returned to the computer, I had forgotten 3 of them. I wasn’t in there that long.
  • I LOOOOVE my DVR. (Digital VIDEO Recorder)
  • I HAAAATE my DVR. (Digital VOICE Recorder)
  • It makes it confusing when 2 different pieces of electronic equipment are given the same initials.
  • My 2 younger cats are named after motorcycles. I have no interest in motorcycling whatsoever.
  • Harley thinks she is a dog. I am constantly yelling at her to get out of the garbage.
  • My mother’s cat, Max (formerly belonging to David), should be renamed Barfy McBarfBarf.
  • Why does the Multiply spell-checker underline contractions as if they are misspelled words?
  • Why is it that you can get a same-day appointment to see the dentist when your tooth hurts, but when you are having irregular heartbeats for hours at a time or when your child has a seizure and is found to have abnormal brain waves, it takes a month to get an appointment with the cardiologist or the neurologist? Are teeth more important than hearts and brains?
  • Why do we buy a home because we “absolutely love it” and then immediately move in and start changing everything in it?
  • They closed the Coldstone near my house. There was a sign taped to the window that said, “Crushed by recession. Closed for good.” We were on our way there to get ice cream when we made this discovery.
  • I know what it *means* but I wonder what ‘OK’ stands for.
  • I’ve often wondered. If I drink a bottle of soda and then go to the bathroom, would I be able to fill the bottle back up? Does output equal intake?
  • Apparently I stink when it comes to multi-tasking. I just spent the last 2 hours working on a logo design for someone, completely abandoning this blog in the middle of a bullet point…

13 thoughts on “The Stupidest Blog Ever”

  1. Teeth are less important and dentists are less in demand, thus they have more availability. Face it, who REALLY wants to go to the dentist anyway?? You know that they will almost always immediately be able to drill your tooth, so the pain (and bill) are practically imminent. It's no wonder people aren't clamoring to see the dentist!

    btw.. I just went… and look Ma! No cavities!!

  2. Ok Mom…that's right up there with me saying that my favorite part of Deep Impact is when the huge tidal wave crashes down on Tea Leone…(freeing David Duchovny up for me, of course.)

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