Pile o’presents

So far this morning I have done laundry and wrapped presents. I am still not finished wrapping (haven’t even STARTED on Megan’s things yet), but I needed a break, and the cats needed to be let out of confinement for awhile. I have to lock them in a bedroom to wrap, otherwise, well, do I even need to say what the results would be?

18 thoughts on “Pile o’presents”

  1. Do I get the big one on the bottom…lol We went and done a little shopping last night and when I say a little I mean a little…lo

    We are headed out to do some shopping in a few …getting ready to start my baking marathon…lol

    I am about to throw the damn tree in the yard…lol

  2. LOL…well it is something with WHEELS and I can get to the store with it…so all I can say is…great gift idea!!! LOL

    I am getting you a box of disposable mask and gloves for Christmas and I found this online site that I got ya a doctor's note from…lol

  3. Hey now I thought I would tell you so that you can let everyone know that part of your wish list is full!

    Kat…you think were kidding don't you?? LOL I thought everyone wanted those for Christmas so do n't be laffin to hard cause you have a nice present of mask and gloves coming from me too…lol

  4. Aww, I already have a bag of gloves…how about some Depends, so when I see shadows jumping from doorway to doorway in the admin building and wet my pants, it doesn't make a big ole mess???

  5. Oh, you don't think I actually left all of those presents there, do you??? Some of them are breakable! They are all safely back in the closet for now.

    Is it anal of me that I wrapped the ones for Saturday's get-together with dad's side of the family in one paper and the ones for Christmas Day with mom's side in another?

  6. LOL@ the color coding presents!! Hey did I fail to mention that I found you a doctor's statement on line…the guy is kinda sleazy and I did have to spell the word doctor for him but he did ship the statement fast…I think it says something to the effect of let Jen off for x number of days due to a very, very bad rash and did I mention it is a rash and she will be scratching like crazy…so no thank you's needed …Merry Christmas!! WOO HOO

  7. JenS – LOL *gulp* so long as I don't have to wear them all at once, I suppose…

    JennyG – huh, Depends undergarments as proactive investigation gear. Revolutionary!!! Genius!! I'm in…. So long as they come in “hunter's camoflage”. Let's DO this! Hoo-Rah!! =:D

  8. Kat, maybe instead of Depends, we need to market our own product. Let's see…we can call them…EctoProtectors…for those investigations when you really, really, really gotta go. They come in camoflage, basic black, and OMG-I-just-saw-a-ghost brown.

    Jen, does that note also say that I should be able to return to work after a few days off and a shot of penicillin? lol

  9. Cheryl, it's just the law of gifting. The older you are, the smaller the size of the gift. Younger people on Dad's side equals bigger boxes!! Less toddlers on Mom's side equals smaller boxes, but usually more expensive. At least that's how it works over here.

    Jenny, I was wondering, while I was reading this, if you had left the gifts out thinking, “Is she nuts? They'll be shredded by morning!” So I was happy to see that you hide them away after your picture taking, lol!

  10. Gee, and that coming from the person that says every year, “Oh, you don't need to get me anything….” ha ha HA. 3 of those gifts in the left pile are for Breanna. See Mom, if you had a toddler, your pile would have more presents in it! lol…

    Don't worry, Sharon, I learned years ago after finding bits of chewed up Christmas ribbon in Janie's poo (hope no one is eating breakfast right now…oh wait, I guess it's lunch time) that I will never have one of those houses where you can wrap all of the gifts and leave them sitting out prettily under the tree.

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