Cabo Cookies

My boss stopped by my office this morning and asked me a kind of strange, out-of-the-blue question, “Do you have a passport?” At first I thought I’d heard him wrong, and I said, “A what?” Then, the question sunk in, and I excitedly asked, “Do I need one???!!!???”

No, he wasn’t trying to invite me on some kind of sleezy, inappropriate weekend getaway. Every year our company hosts a big meeting in some exotic location. In order to attend this meeting, you have to be nominated by your supervisor and accepted by…someone, somewhere. We found out the other day that next year’s big meeting will be held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

According to my boss, he got a call from HIS boss (a regional-level manager), who strongly recommended that he (my boss) nominate me to go. That’s pretty cool, because I didn’t even think the guy knew my name. lol…

So…nothing is definite yet, but it’s really nice to be recognized by the powers-that-be…and hopefully, I’ll get to go to Mexico!

And as for the cookie part…

Tomorrow we are having a holiday party at work. People who wanted to participate were given the option to sign up for a gift exchange game. Apparently everyone sits in a big circle with a wrapped gift. Someone tells a story, and every time they say the word “left,” everyone passes the gift in their hand to the person on their left. When they hear “right,” they throw the gift on the floor and stomp on it (no, they don’t really, they actually pass the gift in their hand to the person on their right…I had hoped you’d be able to determine the pattern on your own…). When the story is over, you get to open (and keep) the gift that’s in your hands.

We were given a limit of $10. I decided to try and be crafty and knit a scarf as my gift. I spent around 12 bucks on yarn (but I won’t use all of it, so I didn’t go over my $10) and started knitting a day or two before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, since then, I haven’t had any time to knit, so my scarf is more of an absurdly long hat than a scarf:

It *will* get finished, but definitely not before tomorrow (unless the scarf-elves would like to come by tonight and take care of it for me…), so I was forced to come up with Plan B for my gift exchange. I decided sometime this evening that I would buy a Christmas (ok, HOLIDAY) tin and fill it with homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made these cookies oh, once or twice before, and they usually go over pretty well, so I figured that was a better gift than just going and picking out a gift card for Starbucks like everyone else is going to do…

After dinner, I ran out to the store to buy some chocolate chips, the only ingredient that I believed I was lacking. When I went to start the cookies at around 8:30 pm, however, I discovered that, oops, I am almost out of flour, too. I debated for awhile, and finally ran back over to the store at 10:00 pm to get the flour. (Translation: I couldn’t come up with a better idea for a gift at that point.)

I got home, ran to the kitchen and hurriedly started to throw ingredients into a bowl. I’ve been making my own chocolate chip cookies since I was 11 or 12 years old, so I don’t need to look at the recipe. Everything was going great, until I opened the brand new, sealed box of brown sugar and found it to be hard as a rock. AHHH!!!

Fast-forward to 11:44pm…right now…I just put the last tray in the oven to bake. I am finishing this blog as I enjoy maybe 2 or 3 cookies-worth of raw dough, which honestly, I enjoy FAR more than the actual finished product. Cookie dough, cake batter, brownie batter, anything that has the potential to give me salmonella…YUM!!!

I’ll be going to bed in 9 – 11 minutes, depending on oven temperature…lol…


10 thoughts on “Cabo Cookies”

  1. and don't forget …you love three years out of date frosting…lol!

    The scarf is going to be awesome…yes at Thanksgiving we all thought it was a hat but once you explained it was a double scarf we could see the vision. I love the color scheme of it and the pattern,

    I am still in awe about you knitting and being a lefty.

    The cookies ROCK! I thought Nick and Megan were going to make themselves sick from eating so many…lol

    A trip to warm place…Lizzy told me I would be going to a warm location, maybe she meant you since we do have the same name etc….I will ask her. We need to get you a reading.

  2. And if you do drink the water, take a native speaker with you to the hospital. Honestly, the care you will get there will be better than here and it will cost only a fraction of the price!

    I'm glad you are being appreciated in your job. You should have been worshipped in your last job, but we both know what happened there. PR was fun, but probably nothing compared to Cabo. Good luck!!

    PS… Get that passport early. It takes at *least* a month now.

  3. I had said when we went to Puerto Rico that I wasn't going to drink the water either…and then we weren't there 3 hours before I had a glass of soda with ice in it. Oops!

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