Dinah’s been busy. :-(

I am so frustrated with my cat right now. And as I typed that sentence, I just heard her in the bathroom as she jumped from the sink to the top of the shower stall….

She did this sometime between Sunday evening when I unplugged the fully-functioning lights and this morning when I noticed the damage. Now, only about 1/4 of the string of lights work. All of my taping was for nothing!!!

This one she did this morning. I went into Megan’s room to put out her clothes for her choir concert this evening, and guess who ran in behind me. She ran under the bed so I couldn’t usher her out, so I left the door open and went to get ready for work. A few minutes later, I heard a crash, and found the dragon figurine that Megan got in South Carolina for her birthday in pieces on the floor…and Dinah up on top of her 6-foot-tall bookcase.


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  1. isn't there a saying? “Bad Kitty!” 😉

    You … really….really… need a couple of those cat climbing posts. They're over $100 each, but they might be worth it if they help her get what she's looking for.

    My cats are ripping up my walls, particularly around the door jams. Tony spackled a couple of weekends ago, and now we need to spackle, yet again. Then we need to paint. Cats….

  2. I dunno…I have a feeling that even if I had a whole ROOM dedicated to kitty play (which, unfortunately, I just don't have the space for), she would still stick to her old favorites – the ledge above the kitchen cabinets, the top of the shower stall…etc…It's like little kids – you buy them this great, expensive toy, and all they really want to play with is the box that it came in.

  3. Maybe you need to look at your surroundings as if you have a toddler again and “kitty proof” some areas. Put a piece of tape in a loop under figurines to help hold them in place when she jumps… spray the bitter apple sprat you can get at the pet store in places you don't want her to go, or on things you don't want her to chew on.. that kind of thing.

  4. If she likes catnip, you could use that on a cat tree – rub that stuff all over it. I bought cat trees on eBay for about $70. Make sure you get a floor-to-ceiling one as it looks like that's the only one that's going to get her attention…

  5. Sharon:
    Well, the dragon that she broke was on a little floating shelf on the wall in Megan's room…not something she could jump or climb on. She must have deliberately stood up and knocked it off to get that to fall.

    You want me to spray a liquid on to my holiday lights so she won't chew through them? Won't I get electricuted??? lol….If only I had left them plugged in, then SHE would've gotten a surprise when she bit through them. Bet she wouldn't have done that twice…lol

  6. jstanfield – I wish I had room for something like that, but we are unfortunately in a very small condo.

    Maybe the trick is to feed her more, and get her fattened up like Harley…then she'll be too big to jump to all of these crazy places. lol…

  7. Cheryl I needed to laugh this morning…thank you!

    I did not have that problem with the cats here because they are old and kind of lazy but I did shut all the doors to the bedroom's and bathroom so now Scamper and when Max was here, they could only go to certain areas.

    I cannot keep plants because of Scamper and no matter how I block the garden window he finds a way to attack the poor plants and then leave a nice present for us when he throws up the evidence.

  8. I don't usually keep plants because *I* can't keep them alive, so I don't even know how my demons would react to them.

    Megan usually keeps her bedroom door closed for that very reason – to keep out the troublemakers. She's going to be maaaaaad when she finds out about the dragon. Guess that means I'll be ordering another one for her for Christmas. (Hopefully the store where we got it does online ordering!)

  9. Jenny, I also have a “brown thumb”. My grandfather is rolling in his grave right now because he was so wonderful with growing things; plants, flowers, vegetables. He had a wonderful flower garden he kept up, it was a large circle of flowers, and then more circles inside of that circle, it was really something else.

  10. lol Like in Oregon Trail… I've often thought that Cheryl… how useless I'd be on the plains…

    Scampers can eat anything he wants so long as he doesn't have any more seizures 😉

  11. Cheryl, you have the greatest sense of humor!! Plug the cat in. hahaha

    Jen, I have one cat that is determined to knock everything onto the ground and make it a cat toy. He has broken almost everything in my living room that is breakable. I refuse to replace anything yet, so I literally have empty shelves and bare spots in my bookcases. I've tried putting tin foil in places I don't want him to go. He managed to crumple up the foil and distribute little silver kitten toys all over the house. I sprayed citrus spray. He licked … yes, I said he LICKED … the spray off the shelf. Every single morning we go through the same routine. I wake up, get my cup of coffee, and sit at my desk to catch up on my email. He weaves between my legs as I wander from the kitchen to the bathroom back to the kitchen and finally to my desk, then he jumps up on my desk and the games begin. I set my cigarettes and lighter down. He swats my lighter off the desk and goes chasing after it. I go chasing after him and the lighter, and I have yet to catch either one before he's able to swat it under the couch. I lift the couch up, retrieve my lighter, and we both return to my desk. He waits. I get up to get another cup of coffee, and before I can remember to grab my lighter and take it with me, he's swatted it off my desk and knocked it under some other piece of furniture and returned to my desk looking innocent, leaving me to play a game of hide and seek to find my lighter. I've seriously considered making him an outside kitty, but we have coyotes and cougars, so I'm still trying to figure out a solution. If I find something that works, I'll let ya know.

    Sorry Jen. I'm a wee bit of a chatterbox. I really don't set out to write a blog in your blog replies … it just kinda happens. And I'm kinda fallin' in love with your family [and Kat]. I may need to adopt all of y'all!

  12. With a little electrical tape and some wire strippers we can fix that string of lights. And I'll even throw in a guarantee that the house wont burn down. After all, after installing two lights in your condo, you haven't had a fire… YET. lol

  13. dejaviewstudio – is it Sandy, Sandie, Sandie Lee, or Bob? Let me know what you like to be called. lol..

    Your cat sounds a lot like one of mine. Harley and I have a morning routine as well…of course, she usually starts it at 5am while I am still sleeping. She will come and paw at my face to be let under the covers. If I don't respond quickly enough, she will go to the nightstand and knock my glasses off onto the floor. She then gets under the covers and lays on my chest (all 14 pounds of her) and purrs in my face. After a minute or two of that, she turns on her side and lets herself slide off of me so that she is laying against my left side, cradled in my left arm. She'll lay there and purr for another minute or two (sometimes longer if she actually lets herself fall asleep) before suddenly bounding out from under the covers and running away as if her tail is on fire. We do this EVERY morning…sometimes more than once.

    Don't worry about the long-winded comments. Apparently I make them too. lol

  14. LOL It's Sandie or Sandie Lee, but I promise not to penalize you if you misspell it … happens all the time. I've come to believe that those who can't find more ways than one to spell a word simply lack imagination and creativity. I've never been called Bob before, but if it makes you happy, I'll answer to Bob too. 🙂

    Bob [Big Orange Boy] is the name of my kitty that likes to play hide and seek with my lighter.

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