10 thoughts on “My little spider monkey…”

  1. I have a similar problem only.. they don't seem to care to make it to the top of the door. 🙁 When I walk out into the hallway, sometimes I'll see one of my cats straddling the door jam, hanging on for dear life, at eye level.

  2. “Day 468 of my captivity: Today I scaled the top of Mt. Door. As soon as I figure out how to get a screw driver up here, I can escape through the vent…damn I forgot, I don't have opposible thumbs.”

  3. Kat – I wish I were that imaginative to think of putting her up there just to take her picture. lol…

    Here's how she does it: I usually hang my bath mat over the top of the shower door so that the 18 year old cat doesn't pee on it…So Dinah jumps from the sink to the top of the shower door. She catches the top with her front paws and then uses her back legs to 'climb' up the bath mat to the top. Then she walks around on top of the shower stall, occasionally stepping over to the top of the door. She's even tried to walk on that little piece of molding that juts out all of an inch from the wall above the door frame…

    Her 14 pound fat sister isn't nearly as adventurous as she is.

  4. Cats are so funny. Mine is always doing something crazy. He got into the bathroom cabinet yesterday and I shut the door not thinking. It wasn't until a couple of hours later that I needed to get something out of it and he was still in there asleep. And he doesn't seem to know he's De clawed and is always going to town trying to scratch the furniture and the walls. It's funny to watch. But this is so much funnier than anything he's done so far!

  5. Hi Missy, thanks for stopping by!

    This one and her sister, Harley, are very creative in the trouble they get in to…but its definitely Dinah who is the more adventurous of the two. If you open a door – any door – you have to just expect that Dinah has already run through it, whether you've seen her or not. She's spent time in the linen closet before because I've closed the door not knowing she was in there.

    They are both declawed as well, and do the same thing…they still go to their little kitty scratch pad and just scratch away like they're actually doing some damage!

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