Prices are low, but I still have half a tank!

I drove by the gas station last night and saw something that I haven’t seen in over 2 years…prices below $2 a gallon! It was $1.95 last night, and when I drove by the same station this afternoon, it was $1.93.

I can distinctly remember the last time I saw gas for $1.95 a gallon. It was Mother’s Day 2006 (or maybe it was 2005 – can’t remember!), and my family went to a restaurant in Westminster for dinner. There was a gas station across the street that was advertising regular unleaded (gee, remember when ‘regular’ and ‘unleaded’ used to be two different kinds of gasoline??? lol) for $1.95, and I thought, “Wow, there’s still 1 station out there that’s under $2.” After that, everything started to go up, and up, and up….It’s too bad that the economy had to tank (ha ha) to get us back to decent gasoline prices.

Every time I drive by the station now, I want to stop and fill up while the prices are still so low, but I still have half a tank!

12 thoughts on “Prices are low, but I still have half a tank!”

  1. You are SO fricken LUCKY! Of course, Most Mainers do that *thing* where they actually smite their neighborhood gas station by driving 30 miles away to get gas “cheaper”. Oy! There's a forehead slapper if I've ever heard one. Spend $10.00 to say 40 cents. My goodness people, “clue? Get one?” lol 😉 It's $2.22 here as a low right now.

  2. Don't worry Kat, you'll get there! The last time I filled up was on the 8th…only 7 days ago, and then I paid $2.16…it's come down $.23 in just a week here.

    And yes, those were the days…the stone age days when a coke cost half a penny and people had to walk to school barefoot through 6-foot snow drifts, uphill both ways….lol

  3. I tried to get David to buy some gas cans and fill them up to bring back but he just gave me that strange

    Cheryl I remember when gas was 55 cents…Amber laughs at me when I say that.

  4. lol…hey if I could have found a way to get it into jars and in the luggage I would have.

    I thought I was seeing the numbers wrong…lol

    Maybe they would have had pity on me …nah they would have stolen it for themselves at the airline.

  5. They would have said, “I'm sorry ma'am, but I believe this liquid to be greater than 3 ounces. You're going to have to drink the difference before I can allow you to board the plane.”

  6. OMG! that made me think about Amber's encounter leaving BWI and the suntan lotion they made her throw away because it was to large…they made her throw it away and she was so pissed. I told her that she should be glad that they did not make her drink some of it.

    Some airline security lets there title go to their heads.

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