I need a red pen and a stepladder

Those of you who know me may know that I can be a little bit picky when it comes to grammar and spelling and punctuation….(ok, fine, I’m a nazi, ok? Are you happy now?) When I worked for Marshalls, we had this one manager who would post announcements and notes to the staff on an easel in the breakroom, and she would almost always spell something wrong, or use “their” instead of “there,” etc. It would bug me so much, that I would usually go behind her with a red pen and make corrections to her notes…and eventually it got to the point where even if someone else had made a correction, I was blamed for it. lol…I looked at it this way – you’re supposed to be the store manager, you are supposedly college-educated, and you make at least twice what I make in a year – don’t you DARE be illiterate.

So anyway, Megan and I were shopping in Walmart the other day, when I looked up and saw this:

The worst part is, it was spelled that way on three different signs in that department (and if you ask me what word is spelled wrong, I will ridicule you until the end of your days), but it was correct on the fourth sign….so they can’t even try to blame it on there not being enough room on the sign for the “a”.

I’ve never wanted a red pen and a stepladder so badly in my life!

10 thoughts on “I need a red pen and a stepladder”

  1. Gawd! I FEEL your PAIN! I am the SAME way! (does this have deeper meaning? Are you my starchild twin for realz?? ) =:D hahahaha I thought they would have spelled “Separate” wrong before spelling “curtains” wrong! C'mon now people! If you're gonna spelll something wrong, make sure you at least spell a “most commonly misspelled word” wrong! Geesh, =;D

  2. Kat, I was inspired by your wedgie blog, so when I saw those signs, I knew I had to capture the moment!

    Mom, apparently the line dividing the country into the half that spells it correctly and the (stupid) half that spells it 'curtins' falls through the middle of the Columbia, Maryland Walmart.

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