Canned Food Drive

I just found out yesterday that we are going to be starting a canned food drive at work TODAY. (Yes, we do everything last minute there – that’s how we roll!) I believe that the food we collect will be going to benefit the homeless, but it may actually just be going to some of our Admissions Reps that didn’t meet their goals last month…I’m not 100% sure.

Anyway, if anyone is in my local area (you know who you are!), has some canned items sitting around that you know you’re never actually going to eat, and would like to donate them to the cause, let me know. The drive ends on November 21st. (Oh, and just to be clear, Jen, I’m not taking anything out of Dave’s pantry that isn’t CLEARLY marked with a non-expired expiration date. Especially not frosting. lol) I’m going to try and find out today if it really has to be cans only, or if it can be any non-perishable food item.

I went through my own pantry last night looking to see what I might be able to donate, and wound up on a quest to clean and reorganize. When I was done, I had 2 cans that I could donate, and 7 or 8 that might cause some poor homeless person to contract a nice case of botulism. I had 2 cans of beef broth that had expired in 2003 or 2004…not quite sure why. I think the oldest thing I threw away had expired in 2001. It was baking powder, so I don’t think it would have killed anyone, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have done its job anymore, either.

The funny thing is, I moved here in 2005, so why did I bring expired food with me???

14 thoughts on “Canned Food Drive”

  1. Who really takes time to look at the expiration date of all the canned goods they are hastily packing along with the rest of the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom…. blah blah blah….

    I'm sure I have some items for you. Would you like them this weekend?

  2. Kat, I certainly thought they did! Especially soup….who would have known that BROTH would expire??? Isn't it the canned goods that are supposed to be what we live off of after the big nuclear war??? What's left if we can't count on those? Twinkies?

    Mom and Sharon – thanks! And yes, I'll get them this weekend.

  3. Kat, I think it's the rest of the world that should be afraid. Very afraid.

    Damn it, I keep trying to post, and people keep walking into my office like I'm supposed to be at WORK or something. The nerve.

  4. I'm still working on Twilight.. not sure I'm going to meet the deadline, but enjoying it anyway. I stumbled on the trailer and watched it, which made me think that I'd better get moving since it looks like I'm coming up to some good parts.

  5. Now, Now…I threw ALL of that stuff away! I mean he had cans that dated back to when Bush was first elected.

    Why on earth does anyone buy food and not use it?

    Any way…I did clean the pantry, the fridge and the freezer out..I survived thank goodness! Oh I bet you guys thought we had bought those mask we used at Henryton for that investigation didn't you? lol

    I will get some together and you can grab them when you come over this weekend.

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