Irony, thy name is Jennifer

A couple of weeks ago, the big boss at work asked me to design a poster that we could have printed, highlighting the 100+ employers that have hired graduates from one of our programs. We planned to print it fairly large – 20 x 30 inches. I spent 4 or 5 hours working on this poster at home one evening, mainly because I don’t have a good graphics editing program at work, especially not one that would allow me to create images at a high enough resolution so that they could be printed that large.

Even with the software, I have never had anything that I’ve created blown up quite that large before, and I worried that maybe I didn’t have the resolution right, and that after spending the money to have it printed, the finished product wouldn’t look crisp and clear. Finally, I crossed my fingers and sent the image off for printing.

Today I went and picked up my poster. I opened the tube eagerly, wanting to see if it had come out ok, wondering nervously what I would do if it hadn’t. Once freed, the poster was wrapped in what seemed like 87 layers of tissue paper that was taped closed in at least 10 different places. I tried my best to carefully remove the tissue, and by the time all was said and done, my poster looked awesome….except for the 2 inch tear I’d created front and center at the top while trying to free it from all of the damned tissue.


The most ridiculous thing I heard today: “These dentures saved my life!”

10 thoughts on “Irony, thy name is Jennifer”

  1. So Jen, is it your contention that people named Jennifer are typically walking versions of Murphy's Law, much as people named Eugene are usually nerds and people whose full names are comprised of 3 first names (Lee Harvey Oswald) are usually killers?

    Oh, and before all you people named Eugene starts sending me nasty emails, all hate mail goes to lol…

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