6 Hours of Prep for 3 Hours of Party

In about 20 minutes, I will be leaving to pick Megan up from the Homecoming Dance. This was her first ‘formal’ dance, and I feel like we’ve been getting ready for it all day long. (Not to mention the time we spent last weekend shopping for the dress!) We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy Hollywood Tape (can’t have those pesky bra straps peeking out!), then came home so she could shower. I blew her hair dry so that it would be dry for her 5pm hair appointment, where they remarked more than once that “she has SO MUCH hair!!!” She decided she didn’t want to have all of her hair put up, instead electing to have the front pinned back, leaving the back down and curly. She made sure to tell the stylist that she did not want her hair to be “too poofy.” Looking through my pictures, I am now finding that I didn’t really get a good shot of her hair, so hopefully the ‘do’ will survive the dance and I can take another photo when she gets home.

After the hair appointment, we went through the drive-thru to pick her up some dinner. Then it was time for me to paint her finger and toe nails. Next, a little make-up (she complained that she couldn’t see it. Oh well! lol), and then it was time to carefully get out of her t-shirt and into her dress without messing up her hair. I then discovered that she hadn’t done a really good job shaving her legs, and as she wasn’t planning to wear stockings, so we had to remedy that situation! Next, she transferred her cell phone and wallet into a suitable evening bag. Once she seemed to be ready, I snapped a couple of quick pictures and we were out the door. She arrived at the dance fashionably late, at around 8:10 pm.


She made it home alive from the dance, though her feet hurt. She had fun, and wants to go back next year, so I guess I’d better start saving up now! I had hoped to get a couple of pictures of her hair, but most of the curl was gone by the time she got home. Here are my attempts:

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  1. Ahh…tell her Aunt Jenny says she looked so beautiful and her hair looks wonderful!

    Amber said to tell her Hi and that she looked so beautiful and she loves the dress!

    I want a picture for the fireplace!!


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