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I don’t even have the energy to blog today, so I will just do it in bullet points:

  • The other day, I called my daughter while on my way home from work and asked what she wanted for dinner. I was getting home late, so I figured I would stop and pick something up on my way. She asked for Burger King (ugh). I said ok, hung up the phone, and then proceeded to go get in line at the drive through. As soon as another car pulled up behind me, I realized I had gotten in line at Taco Bell.
  • At the grocery store last weekend, I shopped for 100 calorie snacks for my daughter to pack in her school lunches. She particularly likes the little oreo cakes, which are approximately the size of the head of a pin, and come 3 to a pack. I distinctly remember seeing them in the aisle, reaching for them, and putting a box in my cart. When I started checking out at the self-serve register (perfect for those of us who hate people! lol), I was surprised to see that what I’d actually picked up and put in my cart was a box of wheat thins. I believe there may have been some kind of jedi mind trick involved.
  • I’ve noticed lately that many of my stories seem to be food-related.
  • Oh look, here’s another one – my daughter’s cake and pie fundraiser for the school choir is due tomorrow, and guess who left the order form at work? If you guessed ME, you are one smart cookie!!! Thinking I was being resourceful, I emailed the choir director and asked if it would be ok if I faxed the order form to him tomorrow. The money for the order is here at home, so my daughter can just take that to school with her. As soon as I hit “send,” I realized that I haven’t placed my own order yet and I can’t remember how much anything cost, so I would have no idea how much to write my own check out for.
  • I have to invite people over to my house in order to get myself to clean. My dad, stepmother, sister, and niece are coming over this Sunday. I thought about putting it off until the following weekend when maybe my brother, his girlfriend and her son could come too, but I don’t think my bathroom can wait that long.
  • I had a furry visitor at work today. A little black and white cat (maybe 5 or 6 months old) came walking in the front door of the college where I work, and started wandering around the school. We caught her (which wasn’t really hard, considering she walked right up to us, purring her head off), and she was just so tiny and sweet, no one could even begin to consider just putting her back outside into the parking lot. One of the instructors decided that she would take her home if no one else wanted her, but until she finished teaching for the day, kitty needed a place to hang out…and that place wound up being my office. By the time she came to pick her up 3 hours later…well, let’s just say that I almost wound up the owner of my 4th cat today. She had spent most of the time curled up in my lap while I worked and purring like there was no tomorrow…it was all I could do to let her go!
  • I guess I blogged a lot for someone who claims not to have the energy to blog. Now I am off to take a shower – and I’m not going to give it back, so don’t even ask!

20 thoughts on “Bullet Point Blog”

  1. lol

    That was a pretty cool re-cap there Jen. = : >
    Come to think of it, I laughed a little when you were talking about your bathroom before I realized “wait, just 10 minutes ago you were thinking the same thing about the spare room”! =:o Oy! I have to tell ya, for a room that rarely gets used… I just don't understand how all that “stuff” makes its way into there…?

  2. I've found that there doesn't really seem to be a “spare” or “extra” anything anymore.

    Cakes and pies? Oh my! I guess it's too late for me to order anything too!

    It must have been a Jedi mind trick, because there is no way that Wheat Thins look anything like mini Oreos. NO way… hehehehe

    The kitty looks adorable and very comfy. I'm glad she found a home, and it seems, a back up home in case the first home doesn't work out.

  3. Well, Sharon, considering I haven't actually turned my own order in yet, I can add something to it for you if you'd like. lol…I have probably made the biggest mistake of my life – I sent my child to school with a signed, blank check and a note asking whomever goes through the orders to fill in my dollar amount from my order sheet when I fax it in later. lol

  4. Well, Mom, I didn't want to mention that part, because if I had gone in to work today and Ms. Matthews (and I call her that, because right now I can't for the life of me remember her first name!) had said that she couldn't keep the kitten for some reason, I was going to put Plan B into effect…And I couldn't very well sneak into your house and leave her there while you were gone if you had already made a public objection somewhere (like on my blog) to having another kitty, now could I?

  5. I missed this one..lol! Um..everyone is changing their locks. Jenny you have to go out of town and leave the cat with your Mom and never pick it up is how you do it…have I not taught you anything? LOL

    You forgot about the crab party and Megan killing the crab…I have that on video too…lol

    Next weekend…dinner at our house, I guess I have to finally have the other side of the family over so you have to be there to ensure I survive!

  6. Jen – I can't believe I forgot the crab-killing incident. Can't wait to see the video and hear myself screaming in the background, “NO! Megan, put the HAMMER DOWN!!!!”

    I can't wait to hear what Nicholas said about them after he met them yesterday…oh, and he's mad at me for eating his corn, even though I told him it was payback for stealing my cheesecake!

    Sharon – good to know you haven't changed your locks…now we all know where to go to drop off our stray animals!!! lol…

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