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Wow, I just realized that I haven’t blogged since August, and here it is October already! Truth be told, I don’t really have anything earth-shattering to report now, either, but I figured Multiply is going to boot me out for anti-social behavior if I don’t at least post something! Here’s a recap of the last month and a half in the life of me (in no particular order):

  • Cosmo (our pet Beta of 3 years) moved on to the big fishbowl in the sky. He took his sweet time getting there, too – he laid around on the bottom of his bowl for quite some time before finally giving up the um…ghost. Poor fish wasn’t even dead yet, and Megan wanted to flush him down the toilet!
  • Janie (my 18 1/2 year old cat) is still alive and kicking, and has developed a delightful new habit. In addition to eating her own fur and meowing at top volume as if she’s being skinned alive because she’s deaf and can’t hear herself, she now seems to take some kind of perverse pleasure in dousing me with water every chance she gets. She sticks her entire face in the bowl of water as she drinks, so that her chin and neck are drenched. Then, she pads – dripping – down the hall, jumps into bed with me as I sleep, positions herself next to my head, and proceeds to shake so that I am splattered in the face with cold water. This happens at least once a night, sometimes more.
  • We had an 8-week-long Biggest Loser contest at work, and I won. I lost 14 1/2 pounds in 8 weeks, and now I am working on seeing how long it takes me to gain them back. Mmmm….pizza!
  • My daughter (a junior in high school) has decided that she wants to go to the Homecoming dance at school this year, so yesterday was spent dress-shopping. (See the photo above!) At the time, I didn’t realize that the dress was the easy part. We wound up choosing the first dress she tried on. Then, we moved on to shoes. Megan kept insisting all day yesterday, “I want to wear heels. I want to wear heels.” Well, she’s never really worn heels before, and so when she would pick up something with a 4-inch stiletto on it, I would suggest that maybe she should try something a little…closer to the ground. She finally tried on a pair of black sandals with the lowest heel I could find – maybe 1 1/2 – 2 inches. She put them on her feet, stood up, took one step, wobbled, and sat back down, exclaiming, “I can’t wear heels. I can’t wear heels!”
  • When cleaning out the fishbowl after Cosmo’s demise (see item #1, above), I apparently lost a little gravel down the drain of the sink – and into the garbage disposal. The next time I ran it, it made a horrible noise, and then stopped working altogether. All I could think was, “Crap, I just canceled my home warranty, and now I need to call the plumber!” Before panicking though, I thought to look online, where I learned about the reset button. I pulled out whatever little rocks I could feel down the drain, hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal, and voila! All better! What did we ever do before the internet???
  • Encouraged by my triumph over the garbage disposal, I decided that I would hang the 2 kitchen cabinet doors that I have actually finished painting. It was then that I realized my limits when it comes to home improvements. The first door wound up being so crooked, that I didn’t even attempt the second one. There may be a phone call to Mr. Handyman sometime in my future…
  • I received a letter in the mail the other day from the person at my daughter’s high school who is in charge of assisting special education students and their families with the transition from high school to college and/or the workforce. She is new to the school, and the letter was just intended to see where each family is in the process, and asked if we had filled out our Developmental Disabilities Administration application yet. Megan was apparently reading over my shoulder because suddenly she yelled, “I am NOT disabled, and I don’t want ANY PART of this!” (It was actually much funnier than it sounds. lol)
  • Last Saturday, some friends and I went to Gettysburg for the day. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show, because my (stupid) camera decided not to work once we got there. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that we had a good time. We took a bus tour of the battlefields, had dinner, and then went on not one, but TWO ghost tours. I didn’t see any full-body apparitions or anything, but while touring what used to be an orphanage, two of us heard a girl laugh – but there weren’t any young girls on our tour. Neither of us could say for sure if the sound had come from in the room with us, or from the street outside because we were standing maybe 15 feet inside the door at the time, but it was definitely odd. Now I will be forced (oh darn) to go back with a camera that actually works!
  • Today, I reclaimed my closet. Over the last few months, it seems like my walk-in closet has been slowly shrinking, until finally, it couldn’t even be deemed a step-in. Well, no more! I pulled everything out, rearranged some things here and there, and put everything back in nice and neat…and now I can once again walk into my walk-in closet. I also went through a box and a bag that were crammed full with receipts and other paperwork. Whatever I didn’t need went into the trash, and whatever I did need got scanned into the computer and then thrown in the trash. I love my scanner!

I’ve bored you enough for one day – aren’t you glad I only blog once every month or so? lol…

5 thoughts on “Random Acts of Blogness”

  1. Cosmo died? Must've been from all that cat spit! Farewell Cosmo…

    Another high-five on being a big loser, isn't it tomorrow you start again?

    Some man had to invent heels. They are the work of the devil. They look great and feel like heck! I'm with Megan. I can't wear heels!

    Weren't the screw holes still there from when you took the cabinet doors down, or did you buy new hardware? I know getting those stinkers level is really difficult.

    There is something so fulfilling about re-organizing space. Funny how something you swear you need to keep one day, ends up as trash the next and you wonder why you decided to ever keep it in the first place!

  2. Yes, the cats are very disappointed that their large, fish-flavored bowl of drinking water has gone away. The funny thing was, that fish had no fear of them whatsoever. They'd be drinking his water, and he would swim around the top of the bowl right under where they were drinking.

    We start the Biggest Loser II sometime this week. A bunch of instructors were out on vacation last week, so we have to get the word out to them before we can start again.

    I've gotten re-used to wearing heels again, so when I get home and take off my shoes, my feet feel funny when they're flat on the floor.

    I bought new hardware, of course. The old hinges only had 1 screw each, the new ones have 2…so of course, they don't line up.

    I've decided that from now on, everything is trash. lol…I don't have room for all this junk anymore!

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