The Week in Review and the Weekend Ahead

Here are this past week’s highlights:

  • I installed my new programmable, digital thermostat all by myself last Sunday, and miracle of miracles, it actually works!!! Of course, the day after I installed it, the weather got warmer, so the heat’s been off. lol…What I learned from this experience:
    • I have a heat pump. Who knew? Of course, the first thermostat I bought (for around $35) wasn’t heat pump compatable, so I had to take it back and exchange it. The units that were heat pump compatable and programmable started at $80 and went up from there. Figures.
    • Murphy’s law extends to digital thermostats. There will always be that one wire that isn’t mentioned in the installation manual. Thank God for the internet, or almost a week later, I’d still be standing in the hallway, scratching my head and yelling, “But where does the “T” wire go???!!!???”
  • Tuesday morning I actually got out of bed, rode my exercise bike, showered, dressed, got ready, left, and still made it to work 20 minutes early. Don’t worry, by Wednesday I was back to my usual ‘get up at the last possible second’ schedule. The whole exercise thing was obviously a fluke.
  • Wednesday evening I tried to go pick up my new contact lenses after dinner. Got there right after they closed. Thursday evening I tried to go to Fashion Bug to find a pair of pants or skirt to wear with the school-logoed polo top I was commanded to wear to work on Friday. I got there right after they closed. Apparently the calibration on my life-clock is off by about 5 minutes.
  • Friday morning I made Monkey Cake for the first time since 1997 or 1998. (I think the last time I made it was when I gave a “How to make Monkey Cake” demonstration for a speech class I took in college.) It’s still good! That was my contribution to the Potluck Breakfast we had at work Friday morning.  I had to explain to one of my younger coworkers what a Bundt pan is. When did I get so old???

So that’s basically my week. This weekend I am hoping, hoping, hoping to get a good chunk of these kitchen cabinets painted. I am so tired of living in chaos!!! I know I do this to myself by starting these projects, but geez…I want to be done! Anyway, I woke up at 7:30 this morning (read as: My oh, so wonderful cats woke me up at 7:30 by pouncing on my chest) and got to work. As of right now, all of the cabinets in my kitchen have been sanded with the liquid sander/deglosser and have a coat of primer on them. Cabinets. Not cabinet doors. Those have not yet been touched. lol…

Other than the cabinets, I have no plans for the weekend other than the usual trip to the grocery store on Sunday. I lead such an exciting life! Monday evening I have a parent’s meeting at my daughter’s school to get information on her upcoming 4-day trip to Myrtle Beach with the chorus. They leave next Thursday morning, and she has to be at school by 4:15 am! That should be a fun day – up at 3 am and then work all day long! She’ll be home sometime next Sunday night, so Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be home alone and need to party like a rock star. Woohoo!

Time to go see if the primer is dry, I guess….

13 thoughts on “The Week in Review and the Weekend Ahead”

  1. It's 2:25 pm and there is now 1 coat of paint on the cabinets. (Of course, it looks like it will need at least 2) Did I mention I'm only painting the *outside* of the cabinets for now? Yeah, it's very ghetto-looking. Hopefully it won't be as bad once the doors are back on…and maybe in the future I will do the insides, when I only have to do one cabinet at a time….

  2. hey… don't sell my ladder! Besides if you want to be really cold you put it on free cycle and give it away. Anyhow don't please.. I like that ladder 😉 I have fond memories of sitting on my roof for no reason other than to be sitting on my roof 😉 Oh and to mess w ith my antennas. I'm coming over Tuesday night.

  3. You wanna come be a chaperon for the Carmina Burana concerts I have this weekend? You can get FREE CULTURE!! All you have to do is follow kids around and look like you belong there. I'll give you a T Shirt for your troubles!! We could do dinner too! It's a full weekend gig, from Thursday until Sunday, you can attend ALL of them or just one concert….hehehehe

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