Post Traumatic Stress?

I don’t know if it was PTS caused by the crashing of the fish bowl or the caffeinated Diet Dr. Pepper (man, I love that stuff!) I drank in the afternoon yesterday, but I just couldn’t manage to get to sleep last night.

I usually try to get to bed by 10pm or so. Megan gets up between 5 and 5:30 am and is usually about as quiet as a freight train, so even if I’m not out of bed that early, I’m definitely awake. Last night, 10pm came and went, and I was still wide awake (and probably still blogging about the fish incident). I ended up going to bed at around 11:30 pm, and even then was wide awake. Here’s a recap of my night:

11:30 pm – Turned out the lights and got into bed.
11:31 pm – Realized that I was not even close to being tired.
11:35 pm – Got up and stuck a shoe under the bedroom door so the breeze blowing through my open window wouldn’t make the door slam shut.
11:45 pm – Had some mean thoughts about the inconsiderate neighbors that left their wind chimes up when we were having 20 mph winds.
11:46 pm – Realized that the inconsiderate neighbor was me. Oops.
11:50 pm – Trip #1 to the bathroom.
12:00 am – Wondered if I was ever going to get to sleep.
12:02 am – Went to the kitchen to make sure the cats weren’t on the counter.
12:08 am – Tossed.
12:09 am – Turned.
12:10 am – Remembered something that I needed to do at work.
12:14 am – Hoped that when I finally fell asleep, I didn’t have the “POG Island” dream again. (Long story. Basically, a few nights ago I had a dream in which I was sent to an island that was a prison. On this island, our punishment was to audit files and figure out how to obtain proof of graduation documents (POGs) for people.)

I may have dozed for a few minutes, but then:
12:47 am – Gave up trying and turned on the TV. Watched The Young and the Restless that I had taped earlier in the day.
12:50 am – Decided I was starving to death. Got a soda (caffeine free) from the fridge, a jar of cashews, and got back in bed.
1:40 am – Turned off the television at the conclusion of The Young and the Restless to try and get some sleep.
1:45 am – Closed the bedroom window because the wind was getting on my nerves.
1:52 am – Turned on the fan because the room was too warm with the window closed.
2:15 am – Went out to the balcony and ripped the wind chimes down.
2:17 am – Bathroom trip #2

After that, I think I slept for a few hours.Then:
5:15 am – Bolted wide awake as Megan’s bedroom door slammed shut.
5:16 am – Bathroom trip #3
5:18 am – Was nearly smothered to death by a cat determined to get under the covers and lay on my chest.
5:25 am – Megan went to the kitchen to make herself breakfast. Freezer door slammed, plates rattled together, I swear, even the toaster seems louder at 5:25 am.
5:27 am – First cat leaves and is replaced by a second cat that likes to lick the blanket. Loudly.
5:45 am – Megan returns to the kitchen to put her plate in the dishwasher. Sounds like she throws it from 10 feet away.
5:52 am – First cat comes back and wants to lay on my chest and purr in my face again.
6:01 am – Cat #3 repeatedly meows from the kitchen as if someone is skinning her alive. Soon enough, someone might be.
6:14 am – I look at the clock and realize my alarm clock is going to go off in 11 minutes. I give up.

I must be tired. I don’t remember what the point of all that was.

Next week should be a super-fun-busy week. Woohoo! After working all day Monday, I get to race home, make and eat dinner, then take Megan back to school for a choir rehearsal. Tuesday, we have new student orientations at work, so I get to work until 7:30 pm or so. Wednesday…well, I think that’s the only day I get to come home on time. Stay off of 95 North on Wednesday – traffic is guaranteed to be a nightmare that day! Thursday will be the REALLY fun day. I get to go to work at around 8am and leave by noon. Then, I will pick Megan up early from school and take her to the orthodontist, where her braces will be removed. After that, a quick dinner, because then she has to be back at school by 5:30 pm for a choir adjudication that is scheduled to last for FOUR HOURS. She informed me this evening that no, I cannot just drop her off at school and come back…I am expected to sit there until 9:30 pm. I think I am going to try to take the day off on Friday. Friday afternoon we have to go back to the orthodontist to pick up Megan’s new retainer.

Should be a fun week!

Anyway, the cat is being skinned alive again, so that must mean it’s bedtime. Goodnight!

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  1. Deep sleep? What's that? I slept slightly better last night, but I don't think I've had a deep sleep since 1983.

    And Sharon…gee, I haven't talked to you in so long, I though maybe you moved to Montana. lol…I don't know when game night is….when are you AVAILABLE??? 🙂

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