Why I never get anything done:

They go everywhere I go. I get out the ladder to try and repair the wall so I can paint – they are on the ladder before I am. In the kitchen, they now jump from the breakfast bar to the top of the refrigerator to the ledge above the cabinets. In my bedroom they jump from the tv to the computer chair to the bed and back. Its like living with flying squirrels. I open a door – any door – and at least one of them (usually Dinah – she’s smaller and quicker) is through it before I even see her. One day soon one of them is going to end up spending the day in a closet because they’ve run in without being seen while I am getting ready for work.

They’re going to *LOVE* me on Thursday – that’s when they are going to get spayed and declawed. Maybe then Harley will stop trying to convince Jane to mate with her. Harley, she’s just not that into you!

I spent some time spackling nail holes in the living room today in the hopes that one day I will be able to start painting. There was a large spot in the middle of the archway to the dining room that may have had a water leak at some time, because the paint was cracked and puffy. I chipped off what would come off, sanded it down, and filled it in with spackle. We’ll see how it looks with some paint on it. I started putting primer around the edges of the one wall that I can reach without a really tall ladder. Tomorrow I hope to finish priming and maybe put a coat of paint on that wall. I would love to have the whole room finished before the end of the year, but we’ll see how it goes!

One more day off and then its back to work. Woohoo!

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