Where did the weekend go?

Here it is, Sunday night, 40 minutes past my bedtime, and I’m wondering where the weekend went. What do you mean I have go to back to work in less than 12 hours??? When do I get to relax and have fun?

Friday evening I picked Dinah and Harley up from their adventures at the vet. They were spayed and declawed on Thursday. (I have to type this fast – my computer has already died once since I started…I’m AMAZED that Firefox actually restored what I’d written…woohoo!) Friday evening was spent getting them set up in the bathroom for the next few days so that I can try to keep them somewhat calm while they recover. Saturday morning I let them out of the bathroom and into my bedroom when I was there with them. Harley would like everyone to see her war wounds:

The kitties seem to be recovering from their ordeal. They absolutely *hate* taking their pain medication, though.

Saturday morning I went out and got some Christmas shopping done – most of it was done already, except for Megan’s gifts. It’s kind of hard to shop for her when she’s always with me! She spent the night at my mom’s Friday night, though, so Saturday morning I was able to go out and get a big chunk of it done. Later in the afternoon, I wrapped all of the gifts that I’ve bought so far, so that’s out of the way.

Today was Painting Day. I decided that at the very least I would get *one* wall painted in my living room – and I fulfilled my goal! Don’t be too impressed though – it’s the shortest wall in the room, so therefore, the easiest. I got it primed, and put on two coats of Baize Green paint. After it was finished, I put up our Christmas tree:

Megan and I decided that a regular Christmas tree might be a problem this year with our two new, and VERY precocious kitties, so rather than risk it, I found this tree at a craft fair the day after Thanksgiving. I like it better than not getting to have a tree at all.

Everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit around here:

Well, all fun and frivolity aside, I guess its time for bed. Tomorrow’s a work day.

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  1. Good thing you like the tree, Mom, because I may be storing it at your house after Christmas! 😀 I saw it at the craft fair, and figured hey, it doesn't cost any more than I would spend buying a real tree, so what the heck?

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