A Productive Evening

You’d think that after getting up at 6 o’clock this morning and then working all day – and it was a pretty busy day at work today – I would come home and crash for the evening…and many days, that is exactly what happens. Maybe its the fact that I left work at 3:30 and was home by 4pm, or maybe the pork chop I had for dinner possessed magical powers, but this particular evening I was inspired to get things done.

A couple of weeks ago, I moved all of the furniture in my bedroom around to accommodate my new desk. All of that took so long, though, that I never did the little things like moving the mirror that hung over my dresser, or rehanging the poster that had to come down when the desk came in. Tonight I did. I hung the poster in a new spot. I moved the mirror so that it is once again over my dresser. Next, I pulled the screws and wall anchors out of the wall where the poster and mirror used to hang. I then spackled the holes, sanded them, and painted over them. It’s like they were never there….woohoo! Now, if I could just paint my living room….

7 thoughts on “A Productive Evening”

  1. I looked. I saw one face, that looked like Grandmother Willow from Disney's Pocohontas. I called Sean in to see if he saw a face. He said yeah! And pointed to where *he* saw a different face, to the right of the one I see. Guess you don't have to go ghost hunting in Gettysburg after all!

  2. Okay i blew this up really big and at different zoom levels I see different things. First of all you have to be careful because our brains are trained to see faces. We are genetically programmed to identify a face. So someones we see faces where this is just voids of light. Jenny took this picture at a slight angle to the mirror in order to avoid getting a large flash back into the camera. That said….

    I see left of the bed post (?) in the center of the mirror a man who is holding up a child at face level and a woman to the left of the child very close together. Behind all of them and slightly to the right I see what looks to be a woman with very long hair. Her hair and most of her body appears to go to the right of that post. I see different things that my eyes focus on at different zoom levels. Very strange. I dunno if this is legitimate but it definately interesting to see.

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