It’s my birthday, and I’ll blog if I want to!

Well, I’m 2/3 of the way through my long birthday weekend, and I must say that so far it’s been pretty good (other than the turning 37 part, that is!). Last night I went out to dinner with my brother Dave, and friends Sharon and Frank. After dinner (and a quick check of the news to make sure that the city of Baltimore wasn’t aflame in the wake of the Raven’s loss), we went to the Baltimore Comedy Factory to catch a show.

Because Sharon *made* me carry around a mylar balloon that said, “Happy Birthday” on it, we were seated at the table directly in front of the stage. For those of you who have never been to a live comedy performance, it’s the people in the front who are most likely to be noticed by the comedian and incorporated into the act in some way. The opening act, Matty Goldberg, noticed my balloon and remarked that they give those to all the “special” kids. Later, while talking about the subject of soulmates, he indicated Dave and I and said, “Now, you’re here together…” causing me to blurt out, “He’s my brother!” Matty’s reply, “Where are you from, West Virginia?” Even later still, while talking about what a stud he is, and how he has a harem of 50 women, he looked at me and said that there was always room for 51 and added, “if that’s ok with your brother.” Without missing a beat, my wonderful brother yells out, “Take her!” Thanks Dave! The best part was when the comedian looked at Frank – who, at 6’5″ or so is no small guy – and said completely deadpan, “You’re scary,” and then proceeded to try to stare him down, telling him, “At my last show, I had to come into the audience and kick a guy’s ass. I’m not going to have to do that tonight, am I?” It was hysterical considering this guy probably weighs 140 pounds soaking wet. All in all, it was a fun evening. (You can read more about it on Sharon’s blog, if you like:

Back before the holidays, I posted a “Christmas wish” blog so that when people asked what I wanted for Christmas, I could just direct them to the blog for ideas. There were a few items on the list that I asked for, but unfortunately did not receive – until now. Sharon very thoughtfully revisited my list and provided the following wonderful gifts for my birthday: a pony, a hot tub, laser vision correction, a bazillion dollars in Maryland quarters, and low carb food that actually tastes good. (See All I Want for Christmas Is… for the complete blog.)

My pony named “Faux”.

A hot tub – of cheese!

‘Nuff said.

Along with the quarters came a lottery ticket for Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing, allowing for the possibility to turn them into a bazillion!

Low-carb food that tastes good.

The gifts were a lot of fun, but I guess next year I’m going to have to be a little more specific when it comes to my wish lists.

Tonight was the family party at my mother’s house. Usually these events are very small, just my mother, stepfather, daughter, brother, and myself. This year, however, she invited the whole fam-damily, though some of them were sick with the flu and couldn’t make it. In addition to the usual suspects, my grandmother, Uncle Tim, and Aunt Patti were also in attendance. We had a delicious dinner of lasagne, garlic bread, and salad, and a Snickers ice cream cake for dessert (crap, I think I just gained a pound writing about it). For gifts, I received a bottle of wine, Season 2 of Lost on DVD, and a bowling ball. Yes, I said a bowling ball. There. I admit it. I like to bowl. It will be interesting to see if my game improves any once I am playing with a ball that is drilled to actually fit my hand. Apparently I have longer-than-average fingers, and the lighter house balls at the bowling alley (in the 8-10 pound range) are drilled for 6 year olds, which makes it difficult to hold – and throw – them properly. The ball is really cute, too – it looks like a fishbowl! (See here)

Tomorrow is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (and I think it actually *is* his birthday, too, not just the Monday closest to it…), so I’ve got the day off. In the evening, Megan and I will be meeting my dad, stepmother, and sister for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. Mmmm…steak!

I’ve bored you enough for one evening, so I’ll wind this up. One more thing I wanted to mention is the fortune that was in my fortune cookie at dinner last night. It said, “You will soon witness a miracle.” That should be interesting!

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