Day 25: Google it!

Yeah, I know….late again. Technically, it’s day 26, since it’s after midnight. Get over it. (It’s going to be a short one, too, so while you’re getting over things…)

I am a firm believer that you can learn pretty much *anything* on the internet. Whatever you need to know, Google will help you find the answers you seek. Here are just a few things that I learned from a Google search:

  • How to properly hard wire a digital thermostat when the wire colors in the wall didn’t match anything in the instruction booklet that came with the thermostat.
  • How to reprogram the garage door wireless keypad
  • How to disassemble the shower drain so that I could clean it out
  • How to get the display on my mother’s laptop to show right-side-up after she’d somehow managed to turn it sideways
  • How to get the duvet cover on my king-sized comforter in less than an hour and a half
  • How to put on a wig (it was a Halloween costume thing…)
  • How to slice an onion without crying (freeze it first, or submerge it in a pan of water when slicing)
  • How to properly cook Bratwurst
  • How to get the Chromecast to stop interfering with the house WiFi
  • Should I be concerned that my dog just ate a rock?
  • How the hell do you pronounce “carabiner”?
  • Just what is the familial relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, anyway? (Spoiler alert, she’s his aunt. Eww.)
  • How on earth do you tie the drawstring in a pair of sweats when it’s all one continuous loop?
  • What are kippers?
  • Can I give my dog kennel cough if I pet another dog who has it and then pet him? (Yep)
  • Can I take mini liquor bottles on a plane? (YES!)
  • How do I view my Google search history (so I can write my Day 25 blog)?

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