And so, it begins…

Today marks the beginning of the Great Oregonian Migration. (More commonly referred to “our big move to Oregon”.) Last night was my last night at my old condo, and I have to admit, when I crawled into bed and realized it was for the last time there, I may possibly have teared up a little. Just for a second. If you tell anyone I said that, however, I will deny it to my last breath.

It was a long day. filled with packing, runs to Home Depot for more boxes, a run to Lowe’s for a new bathroom door, and many trips up and down the stairs. I also had a handyman come over for the day to take care of all of those household projects that I have somehow lost the will to complete myself. I started painting my kitchen cabinets and changing out the hardware from ugly brass to a nice brushed nickel, oh, at least 3 or 4 years ago, if not longer. Today, the handyman finished them. Too bad I didn’t do it way back then – it looks nice. He also installed two smoke detectors, painted a bathroom vanity, replaced the bathroom door that had been mauled by wild dogs (that would be the previous owner’s Siberian huskies), re-caulked both showers and vanities, hung all of my new mini-blinds, and re-screened my balcony screen door. Oh, and bonus – he hauled all of the trash that I had accumulated over the course of the day down to the dumpster for me.

I think I need to keep a handyman on retainer.

The plan today was to finish all of the packing while the handyman did his thing, then pack up the cats and my suitcase and haul them over to a hotel by the airport, so that everything would be out of the way for the arrival of the movers tomorrow. At around 9pm or so, as I was still at my condo throwing away about 4 pounds of flour that my mother forbid me from paying movers to haul across the country and a jar of beef bouillon cubes that expired 9/22/2001, I decided that the kitties could stay where they are for one more night, so that I could get a quiet night’s sleep at the hotel.  Tomorrow is soon enough to piss them off.

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