Semi-Annual Update

Somewhere in the International Rules and Bylaws of the Blogosphere I am fairly certain that it says, “Thou Shalt Not Go 3 Months Without Blogging”. (Uh oh, deja vu – I must be repeating myself!) I don’t really have anything to say, but I figured I should at least get something out there before WordPress revokes my right to Shameless Self-Promotion.

So, buckle your seatbelts, boys and girls, it’s going to be a bumpy ride of bouncing randomly from topic to topic. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Hmm…where to start…

Gym Rat? Me???

As a part of my ongoing effort to GMST (French for “Get My Sh*t Together”), I joined a gym in July, even going so far as to sign up for bi-monthly sessions with a personal trainer. After those first 2 or 3 painful weeks where I prayed for a swift death, I got to a point where I could move without whimpering, and I have to say, I don’t hate it. I purposely chose a gym that is on my way home from work, so I feel guilty if I just drive by without stopping…so I’ve actually been working out 4-5 times a week.

I’ve only lost a couple of pounds in the 2 months I’ve been going – the trainers like to spout some crap about building muscle and such, but damn it, I don’t want to hear logic, I want to see results! – but I’m learning all sorts of new skills…So, if you ever need someone to drag a 30 pound weight around tied to a really big rope, or to lift something heavy up and down repeatedly with their feet, I’m your girl. I wonder if I can somehow work that in to my resume…

(Ready for the segue?) And of course, besides just wanting to lose weight and tone up, all of this working out is in preparation for….

FRANCE 2013!!!

Eh, it’s still a little over 9 months away, so I don’t have a lot to say yet. I’m just hoping that I won’t be hobbling around like an old woman for 3 days after I get back, like I did with Italy.

Target-ed Humor

Either someone at Target has a warped sense of humor, or I do. (Hush!) While shopping the other evening, I noticed an endcap display of feminine hygiene products with sale signs indicating a free $5 gift card with a purchase of any 3 products. My mind immediately interpreted that as, “We will pay $5 to anyone who is willing to walk up to the cash register with a cart full of pads and tampons. Do it. We dare you.”

And to answer your question, yeah, of course I did.

A’Camping I Will Go

Next weekend I am going camping in Delaware with Sharon and Frank, my only two friends (in Maryland) who are not afraid to pay good money to sleep outside on the ground. For those of you who do not fully comprehend the implications of the 3 of us going camping, I am going to spell it out for you in no uncertain terms: GET YOUR WINTER COATS OUT OF STORAGE AND HAVE THEM DRY CLEANED THIS WEEK. YOU’RE GOING TO NEED THEM.

We seem to have a history of camping during the one unpredicted weekend of “unseasonably cool” weather every late summer/early fall. One year in Gettysburg, it got down to 36 degrees overnight. My toes are still thawing out. Last year, despite favorable, CLEAR weather reports for the entire week leading up to our trip, we woke up our first morning there to find it chilly and raining into our tent. Nobody had bothered to put the rainfly on, as it wasn’t actually supposed to rain.

Everyone cross your collective fingers for us this weekend, and maybe, just maybe this won’t mark the beginning of the next ice age.


There’s something to be said for actually looking at your paystubs from time to time. So long as the money shows up in my bank account every 2 weeks, I don’t ever look at mine. Ever. This would explain how I made it through three quarters of the year thinking that I had 80 hours of vacation time to use this year, when in fact I have 150. So far I’ve taken 16 hours. This means that sometime between now and December 31st, I have to take 16.75 more days off.

What a bummer.

So now, I’m off to plan the rest of my vacation time. See you in 3 more months!

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