Identity Crisis

I hate it when people ask me for my address. It’s not that I don’t know it, or that I mind giving it out when necessary, but…well, here’s how the conversation usually goes:

Them: And what is your address?

Me: Well, it’s XXXX Greenfield Rd.

Them: Is that one word or two?

Me: I wish I knew.

You see, the street on which I live is suffering from an identity crisis, and it’s name is spelled as either “Greenfield” or “Green Field”, depending on which sign you see. I have absolutely no idea which one is actually correct. I took pictures of 4 of our street signs yesterday, and as you can see, they are pretty much split 50/50. There is the one above, then this one:

And then this one:

And finally this one:

There are a couple more signs at the entrance and exit to my neighborhood, but they would have required stopping the car in the middle of a busy road to photograph…I’ll have to get them some other time.

Aside from the fact that the powers that be can’t seem to decide what the name of the road is supposed to be, they can’t seem to decide on a consistent road sign size/color to use either. All 4 of these signs were found within 3 blocks of each other. One is long and green, with the name all in one row. The other 3 are shorter, and have the name “stacked”…but one is green, one is blue, and one is brown. I don’t get it. Don’t these people know that I like everything to MATCH???

6 thoughts on “Identity Crisis”

  1. LOL..maybe the spelling is the way it is because it is cheaper and more attractive to have the signs smaller?

    Try convincing people that your street DOES exist…I had to convince the Social Security office that our street address is real and no we did not just build the house…lol

  2. hahaha ohhh mann… this… is a problem alright!

    I love it when people ask me what our road is and I tell them “White Road” and they look at me with this… “is it as simple as it sounds?” look… “White… as in… WHITE? orrrrrr….” Most times I have to tell them “yah, like… black… only… White… White…”

  3. Jen – maybe my street *doesn't* really exist…and I can't decide what I want to call it in my mind, thus the reason for the different signs…

    Kat – Next time they question you, say, “yeah, like the color, but the 'X' is silent”. Let 'em figure that one out.

    Sharon – I'm sure glad he did – he had my camera!!!

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