17 thoughts on “Overkill?”

  1. Wow!…two more and you could of had a 36 themed week! lol

    Maybe he is carrying something really lethal and he does not want anyone to slam into him so he is making sure they see he is stopped…no clue but your right, over kill to the max!

  2. I don't know why, but I'm laughing right now. You had enough time to count 36 brake lights? It's funny in a way because…. what the heck kind of vehicle can do the least bit of damage to this bigbutt truck… or… what sort of vehicle does this truck driver honestly think will *not* see this truck coming?

  3. where the back flap opens up, kinda like when KITT in Knight Rider would drive up into the back of that 18 wheeler… remember that? I'm totally seein' where you're comin' from Jenny…. innnnnttterrrreesssstttttinnngggg

  4. But I thought she said she wanted to win Boobies….lol…
    As for KITTs evil twin, I sadly cannot remember, so I will leave it to Dave to answer. I do believe, though, that Michael Knight's evil twin was Garth, and you could distinguish him by his goatee…I don't know why, but evil twins always have a goatee.

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