Refrigerator Etiquette


Good afternoon,

On the heels of a very informative reminder of proper email etiquette, I have been asked to review another very important subject – refrigerator etiquette.

Imagine that you spend hours at home one evening preparing the absolute best vegetable lasagna that the world has ever tasted. This meal turns out to be so delicious that you dream about it later that night, and you wake up the next morning determined to eat the leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At work, you spend the majority of your morning salivating over the thought of having more of that lasagna for lunch, and you count down the minutes until you can go to the lunch room and satisfy your craving. Finally, after what seems like forever, the clock strikes 12pm and you struggle to keep yourself from running down the hall to the refrigerator. When you get there, you yank open the door, grinning ear-to-ear, scanning the shelves for the brown paper bag that holds your own little slice of nirvana. Slowly, the grin turns into a frown as you realize that your lunch is nowhere to be found. You quickly turn to the other occupants of the room, scanning each of their faces for signs of tomato sauce. Eventually it sinks in to your stunned mind that someone has stolen your lunch! 

How would this make you feel?

Refrigerator etiquette is quite simple – in fact, there is really only one rule to remember:

If it does not belong to you, do not eat it!

(This message brought to you by a very hungry person, whose hot wings were callously removed from the refrigerator this afternoon without his permission. Any vegetable lasagna discussed in this email is fictional, and its resemblance to actual vegetable lasagna is purely coincidental. No refrigerators were harmed in the writing of this email.)


What will my next email have to be? If you didn’t drive the car here, you probably shouldn’t take it home with you???

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  1. Eh, the theme's not my favorite, but I screwed up my other one, so it will do for now. Don't you think my coworkers would get just a little sick of hearing from me if they got one of these emails every day?

  2. Yeah, and it's all your fault, too. I decided I didn't really like mine anymore, so I started looking at other themes, and then when I couldn't find one I really liked, I couldn't remember what base theme my old one had used, and it just got all messed up. lol

  3. That's kinda what happened to me! I know I morphed one I found somewhere and once you go looking to change they don't give you an option to preview the darn things, so you are stuck with one even if you are just trying to see if you even like it. I like mine tho! It was time for a change.

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