I’m an Aunt…FINALLY!!!

It only took 37 years, but today, one of my siblings has finally made me an Aunt. My new (and only!) niece, Breanna Kelly came into the world 5 days before her due date today at 9:55am. This was not her doing, mind you, but rather a necessity. While little Bree has just been happy as a clam floating around in her warm little world, occasionally giving Mommy a nice kick in the ribs from the inside, Mommy’s last few weeks haven’t quite been a vacation. Well, actually, I guess you could consider being on bedrest a vacation in a way, but let’s face it – after the first day or two, most normal people would be bored out of their minds! But…when your blood pressure measures 160 over 102 on a fairly regular basis, you do what you gotta do. So, my sister found herself on modified bedrest for the last portion of her pregnancy. When she went in for a check up at 39 weeks on Monday, it was decided to be in everyone’s best interests to wait no longer. She reported to the hospital at 6:30 Monday evening to begin the festivities, and a LOOOOOONG 39 hours and 25 minutes later, Breanna was here…all 7 pounds, .05 ounces, and 19.5 inches of her.

Baby is doing GREAT. Mommy is doing WELL – she’s still having some issues with her blood pressure, but is feeling MUCH better than she has these last couple of days, I’m sure!

Congratulations Julie and Shaun! Say goodbye to sleep for awhile! 😀

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