Water go bye-bye…again!

I left my house yesterday evening at around 6:30PM to drop my daughter off at my mother’s house for the night, and when I returned at 8:00PM, there was a river of water running through the parking lot. At first I thought someone was washing their car…but as I got closer, I saw that the water was bubbling up through the grass and bushes directly in front of one corner of our building. We had our second water main break in less than a year.

As all of the residents that were home scrambled to fill their bathtubs with water before someone from the county came to turn off the water for who knows how long, I realized just how much the loss of water affects my everyday life. No showers. You can’t flush the toilet, unless you have water to refill the tank. Can’t do dishes (no tears shed there!). Can’t do a whole lot of cooking – first, because many dishes require water (I’m dying for spaghetti right now), and second, because you can’t do the dishes afterwards! The cat needs water. Megan’s oregano plant – the one plant that has ever lived more than 3 days in this house – needs water. I had planned to change the water in the fish bowl this weekend. I need water to brush my teeth. LAUNDRY!

The list goes on and on…I had to tell my now-married-to-someone-else ex-boyfriend that no, he could not come over for sex last night, because afterwards he would not have been able to take a shower to wash away the evidence before going home to his new wifey. Ok, just kidding…he keeps asking, I keep saying no. The water has nothing to do with it. lol…Guys, what is WRONG with your gender???

So now I must search for something clean to wear so that I might attend my grandmother’s 83rd birthday party later this afternoon. Then I have to decide if *I* am clean enough to attend, or if I need to stop by my mother’s house for a shower first. I wonder if I could spray myself with Febreze….

Hopefully they’ll get the main fixed today! Is “I smell too bad” a legitimate excuse to take the day off from work?

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