Quick, somebody throw away the key!

Does anyone else besides me just want to vomit anytime they hear the name Paris Hilton? How much more ridiculous can this case get? She’s in jail, she’s out of jail, she’s in jail. Pick one already!

As she sat in the courtroom yesterday awaiting word on whether or not she would have to return to jail – after the Sheriff sent her home after only 3 days because of undisclosed ‘medical reasons’ – she kept turning around and mouthing, “I love you” to her parents. When it was announced that she would indeed have to serve her remaining EIGHTEEN DAYS in the slammer, she screamed, sobbed, and cried to her mother, “Mom, it’s not fair!”

For God’s sake, girl, it’s 18 days, not 18 years. Lose the dramatics already. Personally, I think I’d like to spend 18 days in a room by myself with all of my meals prepared for me. It would be a nice break. 😀

I would love to know just what she *thought* was going to happen. She was arrested for driving under the influence. Granted, her blood alcohol level was at the absolute minimum to warrant an arrest in California, but still fell within legal limits. Because of that arrest, she was sentenced to 36 months of probation (during which she was not to violate any laws), had her license suspended, and was ordered to take a class on alcohol abuse education.

She refrained from driving for 30 days, but in January was pulled over for driving on a suspended license. While this is obviously breaking the law – a violation of her probation – she did not go to jail. The officer simply asked her to sign a document acknowledging that she was driving on a suspended license. Her excuse was that she thought the suspension was only for 30 days and that after that time she was allowed to drive for work purposes. If that is truly what you thought, Paris, that’s all well and good, but the fact that a police officer is pulling you over and telling you that your license is still suspended should make you stop and say, “hmm…” Or it should at least make you stop and call your lawyer to see what the deal actually is. Assuming that the officer has the information wrong, signing the document anyway, and then going on about your day is just stupid. Especially when you intend to keep right on driving.

So one month later when she is not only caught driving again on her still-suspended license, but is also speeding and driving at night with no headlights, why *wouldn’t* she have to go to jail?

I think we should all write to her in jail. Convicts like to have penpals, don’t they?

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