The Balcony

Wow, two posts from me in one day – and within 2 hours of each other, no less – that’s got to be some kind of record!

Since moving in to this condo in December of 2005, I have been obsessed with my balcony. When I should have been shopping for furniture to replace what did not fit properly into my living room, I was instead shopping for patio furniture. The last 2 apartments that I lived in had balconies, as did the townhouse in Annapolis (balcony, deck, whatever…same general purpose!), and yet I never had the urge to decorate any of those to the extent that I have with this one.

Last summer, I bought a chat set to put out there – 2 chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table. The table proved too large for the small space, so I also bought a smaller end table, which fits nicely between the two chairs. A 5×7 beige rug covers nearly the entire space, so I can go out there barefoot and not worry about splinters from the wooden decking. There was a lonely-looking nail already in place in the white space between my two windows, and I found a wrought iron candle holder at Pier 1 that fit perfectly. But still somehow it just wasn’t quite enough…

In the last week, I have added a second side table (next to the loveseat) and windchimes. Yesterday, when I should have been choosing paint colors and furniture for my living room, I found myself in the Outdoor department at Target. I bought a string of outdoor lantern lights to hang across the top of the windows, and a copper and wrought iron decorative oil candle fixture for one of the tables. Megan’s oregano plant currently sits on the second table. Hopefully it will soon outgrow the small, plastic “Jesus Loves Me” planter so that I can move it into a nicer pot.

Why am I doing all of this, you ask? Honestly, I’m not sure. I do like to sit out there and read in the evenings, though I certainly don’t need seating for 4 to do that! There’s always this vision in the back of my mind of sitting out there on a warm summer evening socializing (and yes, maybe even a little drinking!) with friends…but so far it’s just been me out there. Perhaps it is a case of, “If I build it, friends will come….”

Somebody please stop me before I try to put a jacuzzi out there!

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