I believe that I am carrying a virus – a computer virus, which is infecting every computer with which I come into contact. It started last week with a coworker’s computer at work, and now has spread to my home pc.

I last wrote that I was going to the pool with my sister on Memorial Day. We tried, we really did, but it just never happened. We drove all the way from my dad’s house in Eldersburg to Littlestown, Pennsylvania (about a 30 minute drive), only to find that the pool was closed and under some sort of renovation. We then drove all the way back to Westminster, but never managed to find the pool there. After a little shopping, we said the heck with it, and went back to my dad’s house to play with the 3 new kittens.

Before leaving that evening, I may have kinda, sorta implied to my sister that I would take one of the kittens when she was old enough to leave her mother. I think this may be where my troubles started…

When I got home that evening, I was checking out some pictures of the kittens that my sister had emailed to me, when my computer froze. Completely. Even control-alt-delete didn’t work. I had to turn the computer off and turn it back on. It seemed to be ok for a little while, until I hooked up my bluetooth adapter and tried to upload some pictures that I had taken with my phone – again, pictures of the kittens. My computer shut down completely and has not worked since.

Maybe God doesn’t want me to have a kitten?

So, long story even longer, my computer is down for the time being, so I may not be around!

Pretend to miss me, ok? 😀

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