Cut it out, Murphy!

Ok, let’s try this one more time. I started to say a few minutes ago that Heroes starts in just 26 minutes, so of course this means that my cable went out…but then my computer spontaneously rebooted itself, mid-blog.

So NOW…the season finale of Heros starts in just TEN minutes, and my cable is still out. I think there is some sort of power issue in my neighborhood…no, wait…in the entire WORLD today. First, at work, one computer shut itself down with no warning and refused to boot back up. Then, another decided that no matter what mouse we attached to it, none of them were going to work. Since I’ve been home tonight, my power dipped slightly (which, of course, was JUST ENOUGH to restart my computer), then a few minutes later the cable went out. As mentioned above, halfway through my blog complaint, the computer restarted again.

I’m going to post before it happens again. I can’t tell the story three times.

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