After approximately 1:30 pm tomorrow, I will be incommunicado for a week as my daughter and I take a much-needed (for me, anyway!) vacation to Cape Canaveral, Florida. The picture above is a screen shot from Google Earth of the condo where we will be staying. (X marks the spot – note the proximity to the ocean!!!)

I don’t have a laptop, so I will have no computer for the week. I’ll be able to check email and chat somewhat through my cell phone, but I can only stand to ‘type’ on the telephone keypad but so much, so I doubt I’ll be doing too much of that. Forget blogging – the 2 paragraphs that I’ve typed so far would take about an hour to type on my phone.

I have a feeling the first day or two won’t be so bad, but by day 3 I will probably be like a junkie looking for a fix….what did we do before there was internet? How will I check the weather reports to decide which is the best day to visit Universal Studios? How will I get directions to whatever restaurant we decide upon for dinner? How will I play solitaire when I am bored? Or Sudoku?

Yes, I realize that all of these things can still actually be done without the benefit of a computer, but why would anyone want to?

So while you are all here just blogging your little hearts out, think of me, down on the beach in Florida, forced to put down my margarita to actually pick up a *pen* and write on *paper*….

See you next week!

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