Does anybody *really* know what time it is??

I set my alarm to go off at 9:30am this morning, but woke up on my own around 9am and decided to just get up. Megan and I are leaving for Florida Tuesday morning, so I have a ton of things to do today to get ready. I sat down at the computer and checked my email, entered some receipts into Quicken, wrote a couple of checks…and then noticed that the time on my computer seemed to have set itself back an hour. It said 8:30am. I corrected the time to 9:30 and went to take a shower.

About an hour later I sat down at the computer once again and started chatting with my sister. In the course of the conversation I mentioned how my computer had changed its own time. I pointed out that this weekend would have been when daylight savings time was supposed to start if it hadn’t been moved up 3 weeks…but even then, it should have set itself ahead instead of behind. She then says, “That’s weird. It’s 9:30, right?”

Um…my computer *and* alarm clock at this point say 10:30am…

It then all clicks in. My computer didn’t set itself back an hour, my alarm clock set itself *forward*, thinking that this was when daylight savings time was supposed to start. I got up an hour earlier than I needed to, and had Julie not told me what time it was, I would have shown up for an 11:30 appointment that I have this morning at 10:30!

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