Days 2 and 3: One Big Blur, Part II

Day 3 (Thursday) found me awake at the ungodly hour of 6:45 am. Realizing that this might be my only opportunity to get some pictures of the sun rising over the ocean, I grabbed the camera and stepped out onto the balcony. (Notice the silly people down there already fishing at 6:45!)

Not quite there yet:

Just peeking over the horizon:

And here we have it:

And just one closeup before going back to bed:

I tried, but never got back to sleep that morning. Eventually I gave up and got out of bed. We had breakfast and lounged around for awhile before heading down to the beach.

As I lounged on my towel trying to work on my tan, Megan headed down to the water to get her toes wet. After a few minutes I heard, “MOM! I saw a stingray!” Uh…yeah Megan, ok, sure. I gave the “Ok, whatever you say” mom nod…you know, the one that moms give when they’re not really listening to what you’re saying – or when they believe that what you’re saying is a total load of baloney. As I’m watching the water, though, I see something flopping around pretty close to the shoreline. I grab my camera and join Megan…

Huh…guess she was right! Turns out, there were several small stingrays in the water. According to a gentleman who was fishing nearby, he had been seeing them all day.

After that little adventure, I returned to my towel. Megan let me have maybe another 15 minutes (for a grand total of 30!!!) before asking if we could go to the pool.

After the pool we went back to the condo, showered, and dressed. We drove around town a little bit until we found the local mall. After flying how-many-miles down to Florida, where do we end up? At the Hot Topic. Woohoo! Luckily, Megan had spent most of the money she’d brought with her buying the DVD “eragon,” so she didn’t have enough left over to buy the ugly black pants with all the chains on them. We found a pair of Adidas flip-flops that she deemed acceptable (she decided that she hated the pair she’d brought with her – doesn’t like the feeling of the thong between her toes), bought them, and then went home to make dinner. We relaxed for the rest of the evening in preparation for the next days’ events – Day 4: Universal Studios!

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