Days 2 and 3: One Big Blur, Part I

I really shouldn’t have waited until the night before we left Florida to finish writing down what we did each day, because as usual, my CRS (that’s Can’t Remember Shit for the uninformed) kicked in, and it got to be hard to remember what we did on which day. I *think* this is how Day 2 went.

I got up around 9am on Day 2 to find that Megan was already awake and dressed (as usual!). After breakfast we decided to take a walk on the beach, because SOMEONE had put the idea in my daughter’s head that she had to make sure I walked on the beach at least 30 minutes each day. Ha! Anyway…on our way to the beach, we admired some of the flora:

And the fauna:

Now, after our walk on the beach is when everything gets a little fuzzy. Maybe I had sunstroke. Yeah, that’s it. Sunstroke!

I am pretty sure that after the beach we went shopping for some more “beach appropriate” clothing for Megan. Seems the only things she’d packed to wear were jeans, and 1 pair of gym shorts. We managed to find a pair of board shorts that she would agree to wear (black, of course!), and a tank top. Rather than make her more comfortable in the warm temperatures, however, all this seemed to do was guarantee that the weather turned cooler for the remainder of our trip.

We also found the local Walmart (who can survive in a new town without pinpointing that particular landmark??), and bought a purple DVD player for $30. I’m not sure why, but upon discovering that the condo did not have a DVD player, it suddenly became imperative that we have one as soon as possible. We watched exactly 2 movies while on vacation.

I’m fairly sure that after breaking in the new DVD player on Wednesday afternoon (Day 2) with the movie “eragon”, we went to the pool. Thank goodness the water was heated, because the sun was going down, and it was breezy and cool outside of the water.

Later that evening, I once again noticed a nearly-full, blood red moon through the open balcony door, and this time I actually remembered that I brought a camera with me! The pictures didn’t turn out great, but I think it actually looks like the moon.

That’s Day 2 in a nutshell. Tune in tomorrow for Day 3!

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