What I Did On My Day Off…

I wound up with an unexpected day home alone today, and this is what I did. I watched disc 3 of Season 2 of Sex and the City in its entirety (6 episodes) and I made the scarf that you see pictured above. Ok, truth be told, I started the scarf last night and finished it today. Exciting, huh?

Tomorrow is the Race for the Cheesecake…uh…I mean the Cure  in Baltimore, and we have to be up pretty early. I’m not sure why we can’t race for a cure in say, early afternoon, once its warmed up to 60 degrees or so, but I guess those breast cancer people must have their reasons. Maybe they have reservations at the Cheesecake Factory too…Apparently the latest reservation they take on a Saturday is 11:30am, and after that its a free-for-all.

I still have a ball and a half of the purple yarn left….maybe I’ll go learn how to knit a matching hat….

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