The ghosts have spoken!

All this week I have been planning to go on a ghost walk through historic Ellicott City on Friday evening. I made the tour reservations, we planned where and when we would all have dinner, everything was set and ready to go.  Apparently, though, the ghosts have other plans. There is now a 90% chance of rain tomorrow night of which there was absolutely no mention earlier in the week. And…just in case that wasn’t enough to keep me away, my daughter’s father called tonight to say that he has to work Saturday morning and won’t be able to pick her up until Saturday evening. So…no ghosts for me this week.  To top it all off, my daughter has a big reading project that is due on Monday that I was hoping daddy would get to help her with. He must have some sort of homework radar that lets him know when it would be a great time to either cancel or delay his weekend with her so that I get to help with all of the major projects and reports.

You know, you’re not really paranoid if they really *are* out to get you.

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