Dear “Mike_” in the “dog_house”,

Well Mike, I believe you did a wonderful job picking out your screen name, because if your wife knew you were sending messages to girls on the internet, I’m quite sure the dog house is where you would be spending your nights. This would be especially true  if she knew you were telling them that they ‘look marvelous’ (oh sorry, I know that’s not how you spelled it, but I can’t seem to make myself spell something incorrectly even if it is on purpose – except Asateague. I don’t mind spelling that one wrong!) and asking if they’d be interested in chatting more with you. To answer your question, NO, I would not. I have no interest in helping you cheat on your wife.  I want a man who will be there when *I* need him, not just when his wife isn’t around.

Oh, and next time you try to solicit some ‘innocent fun’ on the internet, you may want to set your preferences so that you are accepting messages…otherwise when the girl writes you back to suggest that you write to a marriage counselor instead, she’ll have to do it on her blog for the whole world to see. Image

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