My latest “I need a camera phone” moment…

My next phone definitely needs to be a camera phone. I have this habit of seeing things throughout the day and thinking, “I need a picture of that!” Of course whenever this happens, there is no camera to be found. I started carrying my digital camera around with me everywhere for a while, but never had a camera-worthy moment. As soon as I decide to leave it at home, though, I need it!

My neighborhood is made up of mostly apartments, condominiums, and townhomes, but there is a section of single family homes when you first enter the development. Walking down the sidewalk yesterday evening, presumably on their way to the little pond that divides the houses from the neighboring condo complex, was a momma goose, 5 fuzzy goslings (that’s ‘baby geese’ to the uninformed), and a daddy goose, all walking in a line. It was adorable! My first thought was, “I need a picture of this!” – but alas, no camera.

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