Ask, and ye shall receive!!

I had another one of those, “I need a camera!” moments Saturday evening. It was like one of those movie scenes when the extraordinarily beautiful woman pulls out a cigarette in a bar and 5 men climb all over each other trying to be the one to give her a light. I said the words, “I need a camera!” and suddenly found myself surrounded by 2 camera phones and a digital camera. Thanks to those three people who are much more equipped to handle photographic emergencies than I, the following story can be told.

Once upon a time, in a land right down Route 1, there lived a lady named…well, we don’t want to say her name, but I can tell you, it rhymes with SminsessMoneyPee. As you can well imagine, having a name like SminsessMoneyPee would open one up to a great deal of teasing and name-calling, so it goes without saying that our heroine was under tremendous amounts of stress and in desperate need of a little liquid refreshment…

Exhibit A.

Rather than risk incurring the wrath of SminsessMoneyPee, we all clamored to order her several rounds of her favorite drink, the Cosmopolitan. Unfortunately, there was a prankster in our midst who decided it might be fun to add an extra ingredient…

Exhibit B.

Yes, it’s true, her drinks were laced with Liquid Stoopid. While this would prove extremely beneficial to those of us who lived in fear for our lives whenever a stressed-out SminsessMoneyPee would look in our direction, it was quite an unfortunate turn of events for our fair heroine. I now had blackmail pictures. (Hey, I never claimed it was a GOOD story!)

Exhibit C.

And they lived happily, ever after…at least until SminsessMoneyPee found some very interesting pictures of herself on the internet…

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