Did you know….

  • …that the cornbread muffins at Red Hot and Blue are shaped like small penises? (Or is it ‘peni’? I haven’t figured that one out yet.) Damn it, Julie, we should have taken pictures of those things!
  • …that the working title for Disney’s “The Lion King” was “Bambi in Africa”? They had to change it at the last minute because producers of the 1992 movie “Bambi does Africa” threatened to sue, claiming copyright infringement.
  • …that the male of the mite Acarophenax tribolii develops inside its mother, impregnates its female siblings, and then dies before it is even born, all in the space of a few hours? Now that’s keeping it all in the family!
  • …that there are nipples hanging from the ceiling at the Cheesecake Factory in Columbia?
  • …that when the movie “Akeelah and the Bee” is released they will truly have made at least one movie about every possible subject known to man?
  • …that “lose” (as in, the opposite of win) is pronounced “lewz” while “loose” (meaning, the opposite of tight) is pronounced “lewse”? Please learn the difference. And while we’re at it, please be sure and learn the difference between their, there, and they’re, and to, two, and too. There will be a quiz. Those who do not pass will be shot.
  • …that if you send this blog to 2000 of your closest friends, Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation will send you a check for a bazillion dollars? Go ahead! Try it!

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