Day 18: I Got Nuthin’

Hello, faithful reader (or poor sap who stumbled here accidentally and can’t find the door to get away…).

I am sorry to report that I don’t have anything cohesive or coherent to blog about today. In fact, if I hadn’t challenged myself to this 30 blogs over 30 days business, I would be asleep right now. Or at the very least, I’d be in bed with my eyes closed, with the cat licking my arm. (I don’t know why…it’s just her thing.)

This is so bad, I’ve already nodded off 3 times just typing that last paragraph. I’m just gonna put us both out of my misery. But, I will at least leave you with this parting question…

I understand why Facebook placed a Garrett popcorn ad on my timeline – someone emailed me a link to their website earlier today. What I don’t get, though, is HOW DO THEY KNOW WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HALLMARK MOVIES AT THE PARTY TONIGHT?

Goodnight, Big Brother. Pleasant dreams.

1 thought on “Day 18: I Got Nuthin’”

  1. Partying too hard to blog, eh? Part of the reason I haven’t blogged is I find sleep appealing.

    As to Hallmark? You got it, Skynet!

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