Day 16: History is Not For the OCD Among Us

This will be a quick one, because it’s 11:30 pm, and I was just informed by my mother that tomorrow is not, in fact, Saturday. Come to think of it, I have a board meeting on Saturday morning, anyway, so even if today was Friday, I shouldn’t have stayed up so late. Ah well…I’ll sleep when I’m dead, right?

I spent some time poking around on tonight for the first time. My first thought as I looked at a scan of my maternal grandparents’ actual marriage license was, “Wow, this is really something special.” As I dug a little further through my family history, I thought, “Holy God, this would drive an OCD person crazy.” In 10 minutes, I found at least 5 or 6 different spellings for the same relative’s name. Born Lula Krumrine and later married to a Nunemaker, I found my grandmother’s mother listed as Lulu Nunemaker, Lula Comrine, Lula Neunemaker, etc. Granted, Lula Krumrine Nunemaker doesn’t exactly roll right off the tongue to start with, but it just makes me wonder, how accurate is history, anyway, when you only have the accuracy of the person recording it to go on? What if George Washington’s first name was really Greg?

Anyway, I did learn one interesting bit of information that I *think* is correct…apparently my mother’s mother’s father’s mother (so, my great-great grandmother) was named Genevieve, and she went by the nickname “Jennie”. I always thought I was the only Jenny in the family. Kinda cool.

It also could explain why my grandmother always misspelled my name on my birthday cards, using “ie” instead of “y”.

My grandmother, Arlene Nunemaker in the high school Commercial Club
My grandmother, Arlene Nunemaker in the high school Commercial Club

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    • I guess I’m gonna try. LOL…My mom’s already done a lot of it..on her side of the family, at least. So far, we’ve got a lot of Germans.

  1. Cool! I think my brother in law did a bunch for our family. I have my great grandmother’s marriage certificate. What happened to all that time we always thought we’d have?

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