Days 3 and 4…almost there!

Um…ok, so is anyone surprised that I wrote this blog back on March 16th, and went to bed without ever posting it, and then never blogged about our last day on the road at all?  Yeah, I didn’t think you would be. Well, here it is, albeit a little late:

Today was Day 4 of our 5 day trip. Yesterday was so non-eventful that I didn’t even bother to blog about it – and believe me, I am happy to be able to say that!

I’m to the point now where the days are all blending together, so I had to go back and consult a map before I could say this: yesterday we started off in Missouri, and traveled through Iowa and Nebraska, accidentally spent 10 or 15 minutes in Colorado (missed a turn!), and finished the day in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This morning we resumed our travels across southern Wyoming, dipped briefly into Utah, and started across Idaho.

As I said, yesterday was a pretty ho-hum day. The cats all behaved themselves, other than an occasional protest here and there. It rained some as we crossed Nebraska, and was pretty windy all day in general, but nothing awful. We took a short (accidental) detour over the Colorado border, but that only took us 10 minutes out of our way, and it allowed us to add another state to our “yeah, I’ve been there!” lists…

Up until today, all of our travels have taken place at fairly low elevations. Even when we crossed the mountains out in western Maryland, I don’t think we ever got above maybe 3,000 feet. Today, we hit the eastern Rockies, and learned something we didn’t previously know – cat’s don’t like crossing mountains. As we started our way up into the mountains, reaching elevations of over 7,000 feet, the cats all started to get more vocal. A lot more vocal. Apparently the change in elevation bothered their ears as much as it does ours (wow, who would’ve thunk it?), and telling them, “It’s ok, kitties, just yawn” didn’t seem to get the message across to them. Eventually everyone quieted down again, as we reached a point where we leveled out – everyone except Dinah, of course.

After awhile, I couldn’t take it anymore, and brought her into the front seat to sit in my lap. Oddly enough, that shut her up right away.

2014-03-16 11.29.10

After a few minutes of looking out the window and trying to convince me that letting her walk around the dashboard would be a great idea, Dinah snuggled up into my lap and went to sleep for about 2 hours.

At lunch time Dinah went (quietly) back into her carrier and stayed there…and this was right around the time that we noticed the low tire pressure light was lit up on the dash. The next time we stopped, my brother did a quick walk around the car, and said all of the tires looked ok, so we kept driving, not thinking much of it. When we stopped for gas a couple of hours later, the driver’s side rear tire was almost completely flat. Ruh-roh!

Thankfully, putting air in the tire got us to our hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho, but I have a feeling that the first thing on our agenda for tomorrow morning will be getting that tire fixed!

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